Sunday, Where Did You Go?

Have you been through a Sunday thinking ah, today is a day of rest. I think it says that somewhere in the bible. Or at least God,the main Man,  took one day out of the week to rest. So here it is Sunday and how is it that only now at approximately 8:45 pm, I am able to sit down and write. Let me add salt to my pity party wound I stabbed onto myself this Sunday evening…the internet service is moving as slow as ol’ molasses! Waaah, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I wanna! Hey, you would cry too it happened to you! Er, I love this song?….and I would have posted it here for your listening enjoyment but my internet service said screw this post–no music entertainment for tonight. Got that? (I’m apologizing for the rudeness of my internet service….some people’s children, I tell you!)

Anyway, let me analyze what the ****happened today to find me in this charming predicament. Oh, I did mention how tired I’m feeling? You know, sleepy? I know TMI (too much info…for those out of the loop) but I got up this morning, kicked the cat out of bed, went down the hall, shook the sleep off the sleepy headed kids still in bed, then stumbled to the bathroom. Okaaay, you just stop here and let me fast forward a bit……  okay, made a pot of strong black coffee and proceeded to put on my face.

I don’t have a face. Oh, you can come into the bathroom now, and like I said, I don’t have  a face until I take it down from the top shelf, (it’s in the overstuffed I-should-clean-out-bag)   and ….

Assorted cosmetics and tools

...proceed to dump my face onto the bathroom counter.

I rummage around and find my first face part and begin to assemble. First, I start with the eyebrows. Draw left line in, then the right eyebrow. Brush it down a tad so I don’t look like Groucho Marx.

English: Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx...

Next, curl eyelashes and then, smother with heavy dose of blackest black mascara. Hey, now…why am I telling you about my face??? Scoot outside for a moment…

Applying cosmetics

....I'm almost done....

Tada!!! My face is on now and lucky for you and your eyeballs too! Fast forward a bit more…and to get back to the reason for this post.  I do believe that Sunday for me has become just as busy as the rest of the week since the mornings are pretty much spent over at the church, the afternoon and early evening are spent preparing supper, organizing for the rest of the week, attending to (must-get-done-before-Monday) work , and finally, finally, I get to come here!!  Only a couple of hours (my gas tank runs out by midnight and then the brain goes bye-bye)  to spend writing and then visiting and chatting with my neighbors in the WordPress neighborhood.

Oh, Sunday, where did you go?