Lately, thoughts of Bliss
been messing with me
it’s making me curious and
making me wonder.
So, i’m starting with the dictionary 
on Bliss:
– One, complete happiness: perfect happiness
– Two, spiritual joy: a state of spiritual joy . . .

Well, if bliss were attainable,
in this lifetime,
I sure hope Bliss finds me

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Photo credit: Pink Sherbert Photography, D Sharon Pruitt

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

“Up. Up can be a direction, an orientation, or even a movement.” ~Sara Rosso

When I think UP, setting life goals come to mind.  We can stay on track and move up in our achievements but only if we take the action needed to carry out each goal. As Vance Havner states, “The vision (goals) must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.”


Keep setting goals, continue to happily look up as you climb each step to reach your life successes…

or maybe you would rather use an escalator or the elevator??

* * *

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Dummy In Me Encounters the Go Get It Goal Coach!

Okay, so smart people may know about goals, but for the Dummy In Me (DIM), this is a mini glimpse into a kick A** encounter with the Go Get It Goal Coach!

DIM: First, why have goals?

Dear DIM,

You set goals because it helps give focus and direction into your personal life path and points you to where you are taking your own personal responsibilities.

Simply, Dummy, I mean DIM, your sorry life needs pumping up and direction!

Go Get It Goal Coach

DIM: Second, what are goals?

Dear DIM,

Setting Goals

Your ideal reality is just a goal away!  -Photo credit: planningqueen

You create a written statement with a target date that lists exciting and even a bit frightful goal(s) to urge you to get off your lazy butt and work at something constructive for once in your life!

Moreover, your to-do list is NOT a goal list, nor is it what your friends, family, whoever wants from you and definitely NOT goals society claims are for you!

As you write your statement, DIM, eliminate your favorite vocabulary words: try, might, hopefully, wish or maybe.

Axe those words from your brain! NOW!!

Finally, goals put your ideal into existence.

Think about it, DIM…what is ideal in your health, personal life and career?

Go Get It Goal Coach

DIM: Take it from me, do not be a dummy…think what your ideal is for your health, personal life and career and go get your goals done today! 

Your ideal reality is just a goal away!

* * *

Do you have any goal tips to share? 

* * *

Curtain Call: Featured Blog

Clowns are fun entertainers. They make you laugh and look at life from a different perspective. There are some talented writing blog clowns who inspire you with every post you read.

Take for instance, Belle of the Carnival, the head clown in a suburban family circus act. You know entertainment is waiting to happen with a post like, Songs that Make Me Want to Break the Speed Limit.

Nevertheless, this head clown is a smart goal setter. Yep, for 2013, Darcie has set A Blogger Tip A Day  to meet her goals to streamline her life, be more organized and improve her sense of well-being. When you check into A Blogger Tip A Day, you will find a specific plan:

… I plan to share “with you a fellow blogger’s tip a day and implementing it into my life. I believe this will be an exciting journey and I look forward to sharing it with you! If you have any tips you would like to share, advice,  or comments please feel free to drop me a line at:

>> Extra bonus! If your tip is chosen your name will be placed  a monthly draw for a twenty-five dollar I-Tunes gift card. So get those tips rolling in!<<

Thank you, Belle of the Carnival, for a fine goal setting example!

* * *

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SUNDAY POST :From a Distance–STRIKE!!

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Aim straight for your goals…

I love to go bowling. Occasionally, more often than not, I lose track of my goals on hand and my life begins to unravel. When I find myself floundering and I am acting out my best, oh-poor-me attitude, I know it is time to visit the nearest bowling alley.

If you have visited a bowling alley, you know the immediate energy you may receive as soon as you walk into a busy, all lanes taken, bowling alley.

One can get such an energy rush hearing the bowling pins being wiped off-balance; the back/palm slaps of winning team members; the loud cheers and laughter of happy people everywhere and unfortunately, a few, ker-blat, when a bowling ball (hopefully not yours) rolls into the gutter or drops accidentally from your grip!

Oops!! (You look around hoping no one noticed your spastic move!)

Okay, the food at bowling alleys are usually never considered “fine dining” stuff. I never go expecting to find inspiration for my life in stale nacho chips, tasteless burgers and watered down sodas, but, where I do find my recharge is in the game itself.

If you desire a winner’s heart in both bowling and life, learn the ways of trophy winning champions. Like a bowler getting ready to score big, you start from a distance–take careful aim–focus on your goals on hand; and, with a whisper of a prayer and without hesitation: release your bowling ball and your ambitions and remember, keep-the-ball-rolling, through sweat, tears and pain.

Do not give up, ever!

The best bowling lesson I receive every time I bowl is this:

If you persist aiming from a distance, releasing your efforts with everything you have, there comes a point in the game when you strike out as a winner–perhaps even a few friends to share in your success!

From the distance, are there any sports or recreational games you find your recharge and inspiration?

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Never Be Afraid to Sit Awhile…

“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.”~Lorraine Hansberry

Every so often, I get very serious and think on ways I can make a positive difference in this world. Today I sat down floated and thought out a few short-term goals for myself. Check it out:

1. Dual CitizenshipI need to apply for one

English: Yesterday my daughter Marta asked me ...

Whatever floats your boat!! Photo is made with the Free Software Gimp –Photo credit: Wikipedia 

The first thing on my list would be to have dual citizenship as an ordinary human during the day, and have super power capabilities at night, or whenever my super powers can help fight injustice. I plan to activate this duality within the next three months and will be asking for at least two essential super power points:

1. be able to fly about much like Tinker Bell or Superman and
2. have a fantastic fitted outfit when I am in my super power mode.

2. Partnership: This is so necessary.

I will be meeting my partner any day now, and he would be either Eduardo or Fernando. I cannot decide at this moment what name I like better. What do you think? Eduardo or Fernando?

I mean, like, Eduardo is a name one could fall in love with as it sounds a bit exotic to me.

Sweet Eduardo. Hmm, just to have the name, Eduardo, slide across my tongue and to hear the name Eduardo drift melodically pass my ears, brings me to a quiet spot within myself and I believe I can handle any fight scenes with a sweet Eduardo by my side.

But then there is Fernando, who has a song sung by Abba, “Can you hear the drums, Fernando? I can see it in your eyes how proud you were to fight for freedom in this land…” Oh, Fernando, maybe I should take Eduardo “since many years I haven’t seen a rifle in your hand…Fernando?”

You will not mind, no, if I pick Eduardo?

Good, Sweet Eduardo and I will become the next Brangelina, aka Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…aka. Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

3. Eradicating injustices: Someone has to do the dirty jobs

There is nothing too big my sweet Eduardo and I cannot fix. So, by day you can see us working quietly as staff librarians over at the Metropolitan Library, however, at night, I warn you, if you look up the sky in about three months, you may catch this dual couple flying the skies in search of the next 911 distress call.

“Is it a bird, is it a plane, nooo, it is the crazy flying wannabe be crime fighter couple!”

Seriously, what short-term goal can you think of that would bring a positive difference in this world? 

Live Life Hungry

Stay hungry, stay foolish.
~Steve Job

I’m hungry. Not exactly hungry for food but hungry for . . . umm,

Ohhh, I cannot put my finger on it!!

Steve Job, quote, hungry, life, complacency, insight,foolish

–Gotta stay hungry…

Perhaps, I hunger for wisdom, for power, love, for fame-and-fortune, true friendships–but what exactly, at this moment, I hunger for, is eluding me.

Ever notice after a tasty meal, the one that made you take all those extra servings and now, any slight movement finds you in so much pain and discomfort and, to your dismay; your body begins to feel very, very, very tired.

I hear you moaning, “Please someone, anyone, let me lie down and rest! Oh, oh, oh…my stomach feels like it‘s gonna burst…!”

Think about it. If we quit setting goals for ourselves or once we achieve our goals and keep the attitude, “I’ve finally arrived,” then, our life becomes, like the gluttonous eater, dull, tiring and if we are not careful, severely complacent.

Remembering Maxwell Maltz’s words on complacency and how it’s “a variation of conceit, because you like yourself and go on liking yourself for what you have achieved feeling you need not achieve anymore.”

No, no, no! We need to stay hungry and you know why?

As Bruce Springsteen sings, “They say, ‘ya gotta stay hungry…’

…because who wants to become conceited?

Not me, how about you??

Let’s stay hungry, HUNGRY for life and all the opportunities, the hardships, the happiness, the love, the heartaches and most of all, stay hungry and so foolish as to generously give ourselves away…

…and as Bruce deliciously continues to croon out, “Hey Baby…I’m about starving’ tonight!”

Complacency, like over eating, must not become the habit we reach for when we achieve a bit of success, instead, living on the edge of starvation may be just the thing we need, if we expect to live life to its fullest.

Do you desire to stay hungry and foolish to avoid being complacent?