The Inevitable

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“Go away, Jarvis!” sobbed Sara.

Sara quickly snapped a photo of her little friend. It was time to leave before her case worker arrived. Because of Jarvis, this was the first foster home she felt loved. Unfortunately, a divorce was pending within this family and Sara knew, by heart, the inevitable.

“Jarvis, I can’t take it anymore,” cried Sara, “not another strange home!”

“Shoo, don’t run after me! I can’t take a stupid cat! The streets are only good for bad people like me,” screamed Sara.

She ran out the backdoor with just her ragged backpack and an old Kodak camera.

* * *

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Wordless Wednesday: Taj

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Hi! My name is Taj…may the rest of your week be filled with peace and love.

Of Dreams and Freedom:

Weekly Image Of Life: Of Dreams And Freedom

In striving to carry out our dreams, it is only a part of the success towards living an enriched and charming life. I am thinking, one must have a sense of personal freedom to imagine all of our dreams blossoming into reality and the freedom to passionately run after each of them; otherwise, these dreams could amount to just a rough sketch of an unfulfilled life…just another ugly list of broken and unfinished dreams.

An ugly unfulfilled life. Yay. You know, I have a few of those broken dreams. Yeah, I always dreamed of having the perfect . . . and we would . . .  together as a . . .  and . . .

What? You too? Well, misery loves company, as they the old saying goes . . .

So, let us talk about personal freedom. Is it something we create and control by the outlook we take in life, or is personal freedom also affected by outside forces that gives us little control on how much freedom we can receive?

I wonder about this from time to time, for you see, I have a friend who tends to dwell in doom and gloom or what I have tagged as, Eeyore-ism–the gloomy attitude found in the donkey, Eeyore, from the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Now, Lindsey does not mean harm to anyone, and I do not think she realizes how she comes across, but I believe it does limit her personal freedom to see all her dreams come true.

Okay, onetime Lindsey actually told me, “Why bother making a list of dreams, they will probably never come true and I hate disappointments.” (Folks, this statement is an example of an Eeyore-ism!)

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Someone once wrote, I told Lindsey, “A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers.”  Having a garden full of flowers brings delight to the senses of all viewers and gives the gardener a sense of accomplishment. When I see a garden full of flower blossoms, it makes me happy. When I see my dreams slowly becoming reality, it feels like my world becomes filled with millions of  bouquets of aromatic and colorful flowers!

When we enjoy a set of dreams to manage and we rid ourselves of negative thoughts that hinder our personal freedom, then the possibility to live an enriched and charming life is imaginable. You think??

How do you strive towards an enriched and charming life?


For you who are not familiar with Island Traveler and his blog site: This Man’s Journey, I recommend you take a quick hop over to his place if you want to see heavenly love in action.  If you need weekly theme inspirations, I highly recommend his Weekly Image of Life series. This post is made– with love– especially for this week’s:

Weekly Image Of Life: Of Dreams And Freedom.



One Wrong Move . . . You Go DOWN!

I got my eyes DOWN on you Buddy!! One wrong move and I'm gonna tattle on you . . .

My friend, you would be DOWN and blue if you have that black and white tattle Kitty stalking you!


On the third Monday of February, the United States celebrates President’s Day in honor of the first president, George Washington.  America’s sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln said, . . .

“I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him DOWN . . .”    (Quote: Quotations)


A life lesson I am learning:

“You are never down and out when you can write about something.”

Sunshine xoxo

Inspiration: Weekly Photo Challenge: Down.

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