Friday Blog Date Night


Thought I could motivate myself and have a fun Friday moment with a blog date night.

So, first, let us start with a big cup of hot decaffeinated green tea since it is darn cold outside at twenty-nine degrees!!

Then, how about a little haiku? Continue reading

Just Another Four Letter Word…

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This week: Join…GO…

join, five minute friday,postaday.icecreamIf I join a band, I would need to learn to sing…if I join a big crowd, I will feel like a fish-out-of-water…join me for coffee–I can do that. Join our club today and get ½ off your membership, hmmn, depends, is this a yoga club…reading club…fitness club? Never mind, got to keep going…join hands and let us pray…join forces, join the crowd, join, join, join….hands with the Divine One.

Wanna join the fun, just enter to win…join your friends…join an acting guild…join a prayer group…join john lennon and join our minds for world peace…wow, I just bombarded you with a four letter word…join me for ice cream? …STOP

What flavor ice cream screams YOU??

(i am chilling with yummy rocky road flavor!)


5 Minute Friday: When Will it be ENOUGH?


batman, shooting spree,theater,5 minute friday, enough,

When will it be enough that we stop hurting each other? Tragic recent news from Aurora, Colorado…theater 9…evacuation…mass shooting at the midnight showing of the new movie, Batman. The radio news spills out that at least 12 people killed and at least 40 people injured.

When will it be enough that a 24-year-old male can enter a movie theater wearing black attire, carrying a shotgun, wearing a riot helmet and bulletproof vest?

Chaos ran rampant an eyewitness explained as movie goers tried to find ways to escape from theater 9 room…the movie was still running as the shooter let loose. How did the shooter know to start shooting during a major gun scene in the movie causing the audience to think it was all part of the movie?

But, hey, why should we be surprised by this awful situation when it does not seem violent/graphic movies will ever end, perhaps this, James Holmes, was simply acting out what he had learned from his past experiences; he may have had enough of fantasy and just made his world a reality.

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