It’s a Mistake!

As the exuberant group of neighborhood kids and my two nieces dash inside to continue their hide and seek game, I answer the  front doorbell, barely audible over the loud uncontrollable children’s laughter going upstairs.

“Hello.” It’s a police detective with news about my brother.

“Please, come in.” We sit at the kitchen table.

“Coffee? That’s right, my brother disappeared five years ago…a scuba diving accident.”

The detective slides a photograph towards me. “Have you seen this person recently? There’s a warrant for his arrest. Do you think this could be your brother?”

“NO! This must be a mistake!”

::: ::: :::

Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The challenge is to write a one hundred word story based on the photo prompt. The key: MAKE. EVERY. WORD. COUNT.


Photo credit: Douglas M. Macllroy from Ironwoodwind