Weekly Image Of Life: Beautiful–The Horse

Some animals command our attention, perhaps by their size, unusual features or majestic presence. When I think about the most beautiful animal, one commonly found here in the United States, the horse comes to mind. According to Pam Brown:

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves
And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

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“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The beautiful horse is the projection of my dreams about myself.

Strong and Powerful

Naturally, I seek some physical strength, but you and I know the inner strength is more important when striving to become a better human being. When I see a healthy horse grazing in the fields, it reminds me, ugh, time to add fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to my diet. Yippee.

Occasionally, I will see a horse just standing, tail swishing back and forth to keep the horse flies away, and just gazing out over the pasture.  Hmm, a reflective moment for the horse?

Maybe, but the moment does remind me to, ‘be still,’  and offer gratitude to the universe for all the beautiful gifts that have come my way.


Face it. Beautiful is where it is at! According to an article written in AlterNet, the cosmetic beauty industry, is…

“Worth $50 billion in the U.S. alone, with Asia a close second and gaining speed, the $170 billion beauty industry conspires to convince women that our fates depend on our looks which depend on what we spend. In this equation, ugliness — as society sees it — can be remedied like a disease, if you just spend enough. Refuse to buy? Your face and fate are your own fault.” (Read more on the Cosmetic Racket here…)

Nothing like twisting ones arm to make you think all those expensive beauty products will actually buy a beautiful self. My take? Why not keep the planet happy and make ourselves as decent as we can but do it simply in our price range. Enough said.

There you have it, a short reflection on the most beautiful animal, the horse: “God’s gift to mankind,” as written in the Arabian proverbs.


So, have you thoughts on any beautiful animals that project what you dream of yourself?


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The Truth about Tomorrow…

One thing I know to be true is that tomorrow morning the sun will rise and my rooster, Roose, will crow.

He does that.

Sometimes Roose doesn’t even wait for the sun. He’ll just crow, say around two, or three in the morning, or just about anytime he feels like crowing!

Could Roose be dreaming so he crows in his sleep? I just don’t know!

It’s strange to hear cock-a-doodle-doo at all hours of the day or night. Lucky for Roose, everyone can sleep through a major electrical storm around here or we would have had delicious chicken stew a long, long time ago!

Once Roose is up and about, his day resembles a retired Farmer. Check it out…

1. Roose jump off back porch railing and the retired Farmer rolls off the bed into his overalls.

2. Roose goes over to the dog water dish and drinks away the parched throat from crowing at all hours of the night while retired Farmer puts in his dentures and bifocals.

3. Roose takes steals a few dog food morsels for a morning snack and retired Farmer grabs a cup of black, hot coffee.

4. Breakfast! Roose cruises the back yard looking for tasty bugs and being late spring, early summer, bugs are happening! retired Farmer enjoys a bowl of corn flakes and milk.

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–McBug breakfast to go, please!!

4. Roose crows–retired Farmer yawns.

5. Roose runs on over to the chicken coop with one female chicken living in it  and says ‘hey!’

He believes she is his girlfriend and in the meantime, retired Farmer goes and visits all his retired neighbors to ‘shoot the breeze,’ as they say.

6. And the rest of the day goes on like the above and no sooner, it’s time for bed…

7. Sun goes down and so do Roose and retired Farmer.

roosters, truth, tomorrow, creative writing, random, farm life, retirement, farmer, animal

Good night, Y’all!

I know one thing true about tomorrow is that it will be a new and wonderful day, if we plan it like Roose and retired Farmer.

What is one thing you know to be true about tomorrow?