Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background…but first, Shift Perspectives!

This week’s, Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, the goal is to make the foreground of the photograph the center of the attention, thus making the real background, the backstage player.

Well, the center of attention for most of my shopping trips to Wal-Mart, an American multinational retail store, is the pet section.

Namely, the aquarium fish section.

aquarium fishes

In the background, the sign guarantees everyday low prices, even on pretty aquarium fishes swimming in the foreground. ♥

Careful, you may spend hours oohing and aahing at the variety of peaceful schools of aquarium fishes and forget what you came to Wal-Mart for in the first place.

Whatever you load your shopping cart with, Wal-Mart guarantees you everyday low price merchandise. 

* * *

Where is the center of attention in your shopping adventures?

* * *