Five Minute Friday: Connect–Energetic Toddlers!


On some days, when morning comes, you have no energy to connect. It feels so good to bury down deep and rest the weary head.

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But, I do not want to connect…not yet…five more minutes…please??

Writing in this moment to connect in quick challenges is my way to somehow roll out of the slumber I long to hold onto because, well, not getting up, shoot, feels so damn good!

How does one connect with the electrified energy from a roomful of exuberant children, no older than two and three years of age, with nothing on their minds except their expansive imagination and silly little games?

Energetic Child: “Look how high I can jump to the sun!”
Day Care Attendant: zzz… oh, uh, yea, i see…zzz…

We need to ‘get quenched’ in this magical world, to be connected with our imagination, where someone can be the handsome prince and another, a beautiful princess. Perhaps, together, we can connect with the needy of this world, and share the wealth of our kingdom, as only true royalty would.

Energetic toddlers, for me, quench my desires to connect with writing from the imagination. Stop.

What quenches your desire to connect?

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