In May with a Grateful ♥ Heart

blue wildflowers

Month of May has come and gone and Kozo’s recent May Gratitude post reminds me,
my everyday little things sometimes make me yawn
At times Fuss…and
even flat-out Cuss!
But being thankful for everything,
does, in some way, redesign the mind
To see life deeper, sharper, more at ease…

First, for those who visited here, shared and enriched me with lots of encouragement and inspiration, THANK YU!

I am Grateful for…all the blog awards from thoughtful and very kind blog friends; Thomas Jefferson’s words:“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, & thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is SUNSHINE.”; movie night; a new recipe: Buttermilk Sweet Corn Muffins; rain & quiet evening’s @ home; laundry detergent & softener…

…a fireplace especially during a cold night; salt & pepper shakers; a beautiful sunset; Snickers chocolate bars; red cardinals & bluejay birds; the community thrift shop in town with joyful volunteers and great buys ♥ grapes that make great wine ☺ a great yoga workout…

…funny movie, The Killers, with Ashton Kutcher & thanks to Shazza S. who reminded me about actress, Catherine O’Hara who played the hilarious mom; warm hoodie jacket ♥ potluck at church; family time; lovable big dogs like Great Danes…

Grateful for: Scrubbing Bubbles Bathtub cleaner…does a super job cleaning the icky tub; not getting any bills in the mail today; another round of big thunderstorms; peanut butterchunky peanut butter and honey sandwiches; this may sound icky, but really is a kicker–>warm lemon water with shot of cayenne pepper; easy photo gift for mom using Picmonkey photo edit♥ Dry erase bulletin boards; Epsom Salt’s eucalyptus/spearmint foot soak…ahh ☺Father Damien’s labor-of-love for the Hawaiian Leper Colony during the 1800’s…

…overnight oatmeal breakfast recipe; hair clips; hummingbirds!! blog friends that lovingly care enough to say good-bye to their blog friends…I will miss you, Janice, over at Your Daily Dose; dish soap that smells like you are washing dishes in a tropical island full of aromatic flowers; driving down long stretches of highway to make you feel so free; Charles Dickens:

“Have a ♥ that never hardens… a temper that never tires…
a touch that never hurts.

Grateful for: ♥ Greek yogurt; knowing i can function without cable TV; rechargeable batteries; relaxing and fun evening watching Iron Man 3 without the crowd in the theater; sweet juicy grapefruit to make me think: healthy! smiling over a group of fat black and white cows investigating a large fallen tree branch…

… small keyboard dust brusher…wow, do I have a big dust collection; seeing and hearing the whirl of little hummingbird wings at the feeder ♥Mothers who inspire their kids the love of reading; Mothers who teach the art of self-control; Mothers who teach empathy through their good examples; Mothers that often place personal wants on a shelf while raising their children…-A Jessica Lange moment:

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.”

Grateful for: corn chips; Rosemary in gardena rosemary plant that is really thriving; Tiger Balm when sore muscles come *o*; Rubbermaid plastic storage bins…makes me think i have less useless stuff; learning about chocolate infused port wine from A Frank Angle…who knew?!

…all students graduating this month; funny 2011 movie, New Year’s Eve (love Robert Deniro); iPhone trivia: if you have poor iPhone reception, place your phone in a (empty) glass cup & instantly increase signal bars. it works…

… field of grass dotted with morning dew♥ spring cleaning; voice message photo frames; classic movie night: Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner & Steve McQueen; finding iridescent bugs…wow colors! make-up free, pajama slumping Saturday; rearranged house furniture to make life feel updated; long handle spoons for tall drinking glasses; rice cookers ♥ Words by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Grateful for: +35 mph winds to blow dropped pine cones away; baked seasoned french fries; Sunday church nursery full of little kids ☺ relaxing instrumental music; a fuzzy little playful puppy; American Red Cross volunteers who give so much during any major disaster; extra-large t-shirts for comfy sleep wear…

…life lessons that appear daily…rain or shine. ♥ my sweet house kitty who has her head resting on one of my arms as i type this…she did vomit earlier. maybe she still feels nauseous; garden plantlittle strawberries on the one plant that survived last winter…

…electricity; pine pellet kitty litter; no rain today or big winds; ☺ great love energies from: Francine on Salute to Bloggers VI love the highlight moment…

…clothes hangers; cookout at the lake; hair shampoo & conditioner; cranberry juice; worship time with church family; mac and cheese dinner; classic movie night with Elizabeth Taylor ♥ Memorial Day to honor our fallen soldiers. Francis A. Walker’s words:

“We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.”

Grateful for:  Mountain Dew soda; sunny days; brave folks in Oklahoma going through more tornadoes tonight and all those who are praying for Oklahoma; lemons…

…mom wasp busy building her nest but gets spooked when i come over to photograph her progressmama waspcrickets and fire-flies; wildflowers; yoga pose: Full Wheel or Upward bow; stir-fry with chicken, lots of kale and chayote squash; 30 minute rain and wind downpour; Brainsnorts: Writing 2.0 Getting Started

…fluffy pillows;☺ happy smiley faces; friends who put their minds to get healthy and achieve it…one friend took off 100 pounds by simply eating sensible portions and choosing right foods; bananas with crunchy peanut butter; blog friends who carry out their goals:

Check out Arindam Mohapatra’s book–(Amazon)
“I Wish and Hope”

* * *

With a grateful heart, I wish you abundant blessings!

♥ Thank you ♥


Of Dreams and Freedom:

Weekly Image Of Life: Of Dreams And Freedom

In striving to carry out our dreams, it is only a part of the success towards living an enriched and charming life. I am thinking, one must have a sense of personal freedom to imagine all of our dreams blossoming into reality and the freedom to passionately run after each of them; otherwise, these dreams could amount to just a rough sketch of an unfulfilled life…just another ugly list of broken and unfinished dreams.

An ugly unfulfilled life. Yay. You know, I have a few of those broken dreams. Yeah, I always dreamed of having the perfect . . . and we would . . .  together as a . . .  and . . .

What? You too? Well, misery loves company, as they the old saying goes . . .

So, let us talk about personal freedom. Is it something we create and control by the outlook we take in life, or is personal freedom also affected by outside forces that gives us little control on how much freedom we can receive?

I wonder about this from time to time, for you see, I have a friend who tends to dwell in doom and gloom or what I have tagged as, Eeyore-ism–the gloomy attitude found in the donkey, Eeyore, from the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Now, Lindsey does not mean harm to anyone, and I do not think she realizes how she comes across, but I believe it does limit her personal freedom to see all her dreams come true.

Okay, onetime Lindsey actually told me, “Why bother making a list of dreams, they will probably never come true and I hate disappointments.” (Folks, this statement is an example of an Eeyore-ism!)

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Someone once wrote, I told Lindsey, “A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers.”  Having a garden full of flowers brings delight to the senses of all viewers and gives the gardener a sense of accomplishment. When I see a garden full of flower blossoms, it makes me happy. When I see my dreams slowly becoming reality, it feels like my world becomes filled with millions of  bouquets of aromatic and colorful flowers!

When we enjoy a set of dreams to manage and we rid ourselves of negative thoughts that hinder our personal freedom, then the possibility to live an enriched and charming life is imaginable. You think??

How do you strive towards an enriched and charming life?


For you who are not familiar with Island Traveler and his blog site: This Man’s Journey, I recommend you take a quick hop over to his place if you want to see heavenly love in action.  If you need weekly theme inspirations, I highly recommend his Weekly Image of Life series. This post is made– with love– especially for this week’s:

Weekly Image Of Life: Of Dreams And Freedom.



Ka-Boom, Crash of the Century!

There are some days, as we do LIFE, suddenly–out of nowhere . . .


English: A brick wall (stretcher bond) Françai...

–Photo credit: Wikipedia

YOU hit a WALL!

Not a real wall, thankfully, but the wall that takes all the courage out of you and leaves you muttering, “Who, in bloody hell put up this wall??” The thing is, this accident can occur at any time, to anyone and usually the victim is clueless about the wall being right in front of him or her.

For example, the other day, at a yoga class that, truth-be-told, I sporadically attend because, well–I’m lazy and okay, so there’s another fault I seriously need to work on–this yoga acquaintance casually tells me as we are doing the yoga pose called the Downward Dog, that she had what I would call the,

Ka-boom, Crash of the Century!

She is now trying to put encouragement back into her life, after her 911 call in to the ambulance service to check out what she thought was a heart attack or stroke coming on.

As the ’cute’ (her description) ambulance person checked all her vitals, he looked straight into her starry eyes and said, “Lady, do you have a history of emotional breakdowns?”


“No, my emotions have never staged a revolution, never! I thought it was a stroke or a heart attack coming on. I couldn’t think, breathe, drive and I felt so funky!” cried my friend to the ‘cute’ ambulance person.

Naturally, you know my friend was given some medicine to help get her back to a more balanced reality until she could drive herself over to her doctor‘s appointment for further evaluations. However, you and I both know, even with proper medicine, recovery from emotional wall crashes can leave you in an upheaval for days and finding encouragement takes time and effort.

As we transitioned to the yoga Eagle Pose, my friend suggested the following ways she is rebuilding her own wall of encouragement and thought I should pass it on to others who may have crashed and would like some simple suggestions.

Here are the simply charming do-it-yourself guide to recovery after a Ka-boom wall crash:

Write on your Wall

Every day at least once, write down five things you are either grateful for or been blessed with. It can be as simple as having a glass of cool, clean glass of water or being grateful for the gift of sight or hearing. If you can’t think of five, just write at least one item on your list.

“Be thankful in all circumstances…” 1 Thessalonians 5:13

Seek a few companionship to your Wall

My yoga friend realized quickly how destructive it was to depend exclusively on her live-in partner for emotional support. Because her partner left for a week on a business trip, leaving her all alone in the house without even a pet to fuss over, somehow, discouraging thoughts began to happen and …now; she is looking for a puppy.

It’s a big world out there…go out and have fun!

Exercise on your Wall

Wisdom from Legally Blonde’s main character, Elle:

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Yoga, running, walking, Pilates, Zumba, whatever can get you to move and groove…do IT!

You own your Wall

That’s right, you own and support your own wall! Please, do NOT forget this!!  Remember, Ka-booms will happen and we must learn to encourage ourselves from time to time because sometimes, when we crash, despite how frantically we search for help from our friends or loved ones, every person may be unavailable and we are left to ourselves to heal.

Believing in yourself NEVER goes out of style! ~Legally Blonde quote~

Go get ’em tiger!

Have you got any other ideas to help build encouragement after a big Ka-boom?

Simply Smiling to Give

Give, and thou shalt receive. Give thoughts of cheer,
Of courage and success, to friend and stranger.
And from a thousand sources, far and near,
Strength will be sent thee in thy hour of danger.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Being Arindam sent his word of cheer, ‘keep smiling!’
and now I continue on from here
and wanting to receive strength
in the unknown hour of danger we may all face one day.

free gift, photo, encouragement, smiles, life, love, simply charming,creative writing, poetry

The free gift of a smile . . .

If you find the need of some courage and words to succeed, then
Be not afraid of what others think,
just write and create
on dreams and the many affairs of your heart.

Share all the smiles
of your life today for
You, my friends, are wonderfully created  to be simply charming!

How did you share your smiles today? Was it by a simple gesture of kindness or encouraging words written or spoken?