I Have Been Categorizing and Tagging While Blindfolded!!

It is true; I have posted in my ignorance. This, no-excuse behavior, is equal to blogging while being blindfolded.

How this can be, you ask. Well, let me explain.

When I started blogging, like most some of you, I was like a fish out of water. Everything about blogging was new for me. (Uh, still is.!?!) Starting with the writing for an audience; the learning of the WordPress system, and prior to pressing the publish button; checking the proper category boxes and tags for the post.

Things moved in the direction I had expected, although the shaky beginning posts became worrisome when nobody came around. As you know, eventually readers came and some even chose to stay, yay, and I thank you!!!

I Think, Therefore I BLOG - (Being Normal is n...

Photo credit: marsmet451

The blogging life was good; however, the one area that stayed so elusive to my understanding was categories and tags (C&T). The main reason is I did not educate myself on this subject, up until yesterday. As I was getting ready to put the final addition of C&Ts to my post, it suddenly dawned on me that using the same tags as my categories did not seem proper.

I dismissed my questioning mind, closed my eyes; secured the blindfold, and randomly categorized and tagged my post and hit the publish button.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Random tagging and poor categorizing truly showed my total ignorance. For example, if my post were about the current heat wave we are going through, I would check in my category boxes the following:

Post a Day 2012
Sunday Post or Weekly Photo Challenge (if applicable)

Then, for the tags, I would add words that applied to the post and then go crazy n’ wild. Here are some ‘wild’ tags I would throw in even if it did not apply to the topic in my post:

Coffee (I wanted to use this one just because I wrote the post while drinking coffee!!)

Moreover, I believe I had more tags that are random and not mentioned here that would find its way out on a published post. I would also *gasp* repeat some of the checked categories in the tag section. The classic ones were, Weekly Photo Challenge, Sunday Post and 5- Minute Friday. They would be in both my category and tag section!

This behavior was a dumb and ignorant move on my part.

Thank goodness, my fairy blog mother came by yesterday and whispered,

“Girl, you need to get some help over at WordPress Forum/Support and pronto!”

As I had expected, the message I received by my fairy blog mother’s very speedy helper, Time Thief, indicated it was time to stop posting while blindfolded and get edu-blogmacated!

Here is my question and my quick answer from forum:

Me: Is it better not to repeat a category title when tagging a post?


Don’t do it! Never use the same keyword or keyword phrase as both a category and a tag. Search engines treat the two in exactly the same way so it looks like you are spamming to them. Worse still, if you do that you will create an editing mess in your blog.”

Therefore, you all know what I spent most of my free time doing yesterday, and it is still incomplete! I am now in the process of cleaning up my category section by merging some categories into others and creating categories that are more concise and on target for each post after this.

(This is a fine example of the consequences of not having a clear mission statement formed as you begin in the blogging adventure.)

As I understood from the brief research on C&T, a category is like the table of contents of a book; it should tell your readers exactly what your blog focuses on as a good table of contents would do. For example, if my blog was about nature photography, then my categories should reflect this and not have a random category like couture fashion.

Tags, however, are words or several key words that should reflect what is in your post. I guess my choice of using the tag ‘coffee’ just because I was drinking coffee when I wrote my post can no longer find its way as a tag, unless I happen to be writing about coffee.

When tagging, stick to key words that apply to your post.

Finally, most of us want our post seen by many people, and I was in the same mind frame when I wildly attached any tags that came to my head prior to publishing. My thinking on tags were, the more you used, the better chance of exposure for your post.

Wrong. If a post has too many C&T attached to it, the post usually does not even make it into the Topic section of WordPress (fewer people finding you) and possibly, your post be considered as spam! The recommended number of C&T combined should be around 15, total.

As I slowly take off my blindfold, I am squinting from the light of all this new knowledge and I would love to hear how C&T play out in your blog life. As I continue to learn more about blogging more effectively, I have included other sites below that I find explains C&T far better than I have here.

Do you have any interesting trivia on how to handle Categories and Tags properly?

How did you go about creating your own categories for your own blog?


On Aphorisms: A Few Speedy Facts for the Dummy in Me

Sometimes a dumb thing is a thing worth saying. –Alan Dupont

Okay, this may be a dumb thing to say, but what the heck…how is it, one can go through life learning different words and its meaning, hear these words being applied orally or written, yet, one morning you wake up and realize there is a word that looks familiar but to define it accurately would take looking it up in the dictionary or for some of us, looking it up on the internet.

The mystery word I woke up to this morning was aphorism. I know you are as shocked as I am over this, *gasp,* awful, dumb discovery.

I admit not paying much attention to the word, aphorism, and yet I use them quite frequently when writing.  Plus, you now know, how I spent most of my early educational years paying more attention to the distractions in the classroom, you know, back when childish notes got scribbled on scraps of folded paper and passed over to targeted classmates. Today, the distractions are the same but the kids have it easy and landfills are getting less scrap paper to deal with as text messages are as common as asking for the hall pass to go use the restroom.

Nevertheless, by missing the vocabulary lesson on the word, aphorism, it can only mean one thing:  A quick, Do-It-Yourself, fix this problem, teaching moment.

Today’s speedy lesson on the vocabulary word:

Example of an aphorism.

–Photo credit: Wikipedia

Speedy Fact #1: Definition and trivia

  • Aph-o-rism: noun–a concise statement of a principle

also used as (aphoristic–adjective) or (aphoristically–adverb)

~Word first used around 1528

Speedy Fact #2: Historical Aphorists (and what they said…)

  • Ben Franklin–The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.
  • Plato–The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.
  • Socrates–To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.

Speedy Fact #3: Finding more on aphorisms

Speedy Fact #4: Pause for Feedback

Now, it is time to pause this teaching moment and see what is brewing on your mind on aphorism

Quick, before my dummy tries to leave the classroom, what aphorism or aphorist you think can teach this dummy in me? 


Love’s Illusion is in the Air!

We know what we are,

But we know not what we may be.

~William Shakespeare

May 2012.

Most high school graduations in the United States have taken place or soon will take place.

Congratulations to all recent graduates!

Some of us remember graduating from high school like it was only yesterday, and others, because it happened so many years ago, have only flashbacks of some good and not so good memories.

Good memories would include finding your perfect prom date, getting the perfect attendance award, winning scholarships, passing the ACT standardized tests, getting accepted into the college of your choice, and having so many high school friends, that signing your yearbook would be such a challenge…

“I can’t find a blank page to write on!!”

A not so good memory is unfolding…

It’s funny in a way, how at eighteen, one can feel like one knows everything there is to know, think we know who we are, and get a bit ruffled if someone tries to hint that they may know more than YOU know YOU!

So, I know this young lady, just graduated this May 2012.

Fine and dandy.

The problem arrives when you mesh reckless love with young fresh minds; it usually leads to not knowing what a person may be. Or, may become.

Stacy, (name changed to protect this poor child) has decided, she knows everything. Today, she moved in with her twenty something boyfriend of only six months or so, both have quit their current jobs at a fast food restaurant and are waiting to hear from prospective job applications.

Hmmn, very smart move, wouldn’t you agree??

Love is in the air.

Neither have a car. They say the bus system is wonderful.

Love is really in the air.

They have signed a one-year, $500.00 month rent contract.

I can hear this couple saying:

“We know we are madly in love

But we know not what we may be.”

I don’t want to say it but, could this be classified as stupid love??

Just wondering…

What We Can Do Together

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together.

Weekly Photo Challenge, Together, No end, charming moment, love, friendship

There is no end to what we can do together . . .

Paul McCartney–With a Little Luck

I believe how well we learn to play together as children develops into how well we interact together as adults.

Children consistently shown examples of sharing and being content in their home life, usually show the same behavior in public. Of course, there are some children who find sharing and playing together in a peaceful way a challenge to their inner nature.

Yes, one can usually spot the child destined to become the class president, the successful business person, the librarian and the future inmate at the state prison.

Just observe any nursery day care classroom.

You will have the gifted orator with non-stop chattering, another child setting up shop and preparing meals to sell to you as you sit there trying to look interested and sipping on the sixty or so pretend coffee cup filled with air coffee, and yet another very quiet child, always reading over at the book corner, and the one child, you know, has huge needs longer than your arms can hold.

But, broken children is another story in itself.

Today, we focus on learning togetherness hopefully early in life.

“That’s mine!”

“Nooo, mine!”

“MINE,” and with a push and a shove, a child’s more aggressive nature always wins over the more timid and mild-acting child.

Learning to share and wait our turn is not easy. Hopefully, as parents, teachers and caregivers we can stay focused long enough to teach our children consistent lessons in learning how to wait patiently.

But it all begins at home.

Instead of reaching for a dish at the dinner table, perhaps asking politely to have the dish passed to you, would be a good example to the young child trying to learn how to wait.

I’m sure you can think on many other examples on teaching the fine art of waiting.

Oh, and if we, as adults are envious and desirous for every new product we encounter through successful marketing ads, don’t be surprise if your little junior–who maybe only three years old–runs from child to child in the nursery, attempting to grab every new toy from the hands of these other children.

It’s not that they WANT the toy to play with, they simply WANT it to WANT IT!

And may I simply ask, where oh, where did that behavior come from?? Hmm?

How we learn to play together in-the-sandbox, pretty much indicates how well we will work and play with others as adults.

You agree or disagree?? All together now . . .


Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

First subject on the agenda is fish. Looks to me like a very dead fish. Agree??

~~ Teach a man to take a fish is not equal to teach a man how to fish.

Second subject on the agenda is a knife. Looks like it could be a very sharp knife.

Math problem for today: First subject + second subject= potentially yummy dinner

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ~Chinese proverb

Okay, now, is there a chef in the house??

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects.