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The ocean tide is low. Another annual family vacation spent lodging in a beach cabin. The deserted beach awaits the sun worshiping crowd. Dad shades his eyes with his hand. Mom still sleeps like the rest of the party night clubbers. For her, facing sunlight is painful, if not impossible. Vacation or not, she rarely makes it down for breakfast. I wish she would stop drinking. “Hey, little Princess,” bellows daddy, “I heard a family of mermaids lost some treasures last night.”

Awestruck sailor boy
Pocketful of sand dollars
Summer memories shared

Lunchtime mom drinks while we eat. She adjusts her sunglasses and makes a big effort to fix her messy dark hair. Dad gently lifts the Bloody Mary drink from mother‘s hand. “Why not come down to the beach with the kids and me after lunch, honey?” I see tears roll out from under the sunglasses. Mother pushes her chair back, grabs back her drink and shakily whispers, “perhaps later, when I feel a little better I will join you.” The three of us silently watch her slowly shuffle her way back to the beach cabin.

Across broken hearts
Tranquil rolling waves embrace
Bitter addiction

* * *

Inspiration for this photo challenge goes to Oystein & Otto’s Blog recent post about a pretty fifteen year old eastern Ukrainian girl named Luda. This article mentions the Ukrainians as being one of the “heaviest drinkers in the world” and the  problems the Ukrainian children face because of it. My story is fiction but Hangover is a sad reality.

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