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Oh, Lucky You!

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.  Buyers, Beware? | The Daily Post.

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The Same Ol’ Tune Still Inspires

Reminiscing over a childhood song
the sounds of familiar voices singing
over and over
The same tune, yet, the years intertwine
through every generation
like pastel ribbons serenading
sleepy little ones off to dreamy affairs

in perfect lyrical harmony . . .

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Though the tune may change, the dreamy lyrics remain the same.

Still inspires.

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake with Michael McDonald.

::: ::: :::

Where do you find inspiration? I found mine over at the Daily Post: Fifty-Word Inspiration!




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Big White Reveals His Story on Roy G. Biv

Hello Fans,

Please, call me Big White – the handsome white bird among my colorful cast mates. We are famous show bird celebrities. Danny, my trainer, paid a hundred dollars, and then brought me home to live with the Fine Feathered Friend Bird Company.

I remember the ride; gripping tight to the side of my cage, riding up front in the old beat up Ford Ranger pickup truck. No kidding. The ride was so bumpy, I began to think maybe I should have been more grateful living the dull life over at Pets R Us store.

Too late. I am here.

The next morning, and all mornings after, I realized something very profound, thanks to the Rainbow Dance Team.

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Hey, I am one lucky bird!

Look at all these lovely bird gal-pals…and they all love me!

Well, listen, you picked the worst time to visit. Morning. Lousy stale bread crumbs. However, of course, no complaints. It is far better than the moldy birdseed my ex-owner tried to pass off as gourmet exotic bird food. Really, Pets R Us staff? They should know us better…heck we birds are smart. Our heads may look walnut size but the brain cells are sharp.

Razor sharp!

These large pieces of breadcrumbs make it easy to snatch up from the ladies, the size being too hard for there delicate small beaks to handle. Some mornings I admit my gluttony. You cannot blame me. When some gal bird has a feather or two to pick because someone stole her moment on stage, well, it is the perfect breakfast moment.

Bread crumbs a-flying, my friends! Oh, the chaos, bickering and noise! Carry on girls…

Fortunately, my girlfriend, the cute one standing off to the side…do you see her? She handles all situations with grace and style. You never see her partaking in any silly ruckus.

We met on set last year. I admit it was love on the spot for me. My rainbow beauty…her bright red and orange feathers on her beautiful chest, yellow and green highlights shimmering in the sunlight, and oh, the prettiest blue head seen in show business.

Well, enough color talk, if you are ever in town, let me, Big White, and the rainbow babes entertain you. When you see my girlfriend’s indigo and violet sequined costume shake and sparkle on stage, you definitely will say you saw a beautiful rainbow dancing.

I adore you all…

Love, Big White

— — —

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image via Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“the swing of the gate” – a Tan Renga affair…

Time again for another Tan Renga challenge, featuring a modern haiku writer, Mabson O. Southard (1911-2000.) Because Southard wrote his haiku in the classical 5-7-5 syllable structure, our host, Chevrefeuille – Carpe Diem – challenge writers to complete the Tan Renga following the 7-7 traditional structure.

As you can tell, I get so excited with these Tan Renga challenges! First comes the original in 5-7-5 form, then, Carpe Diem host, Chevrefeuille, then me!

Just the cellarpit;
Only the catbird recalls
The swing of the gate        -Southard

The squeaking of the gate to the backyard
Breaks through the silence of the spring night   -Chèvrefeuille

Lock from gate drops to bare ground
What luck for a bored Great Dane     -Me

Great Dane


Diamond Girl or Not…

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For some, however, receiving a gift with four legs, large teeth and somewhat protruding yet gentle eyes would be the dreamiest gift of a lifetime!

Did you guess the special gift some girls prefer over precious diamonds?

You can spot this gift grazing peacefully in a pasture, a few are specially bred and trained to win over at the racetrack and some, earn their keep as part of the farm or rodeo circuit staff members.

A nice horse

A cowgirl dream gift: Gimme a horse, not diamonds, fer Christmas!

For some girls, on every Christmas wish list made, the only gift we asked for, but never saw under the tree–ever–was the gift of a horse.


Silly of us to ask.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.

~Sharon Ralls Lemon

* * *

Was there a special gift you wanted as a child but never received?

* * *

Diamond Girl or Not…is written for the 12/26/12 Daily Prompt: Gimme. Enjoy a few more contributors below:

High Noon

Today, at high noon, in a chilly, winter moment, a morning scripture meditation became clear.

Winter snow

“For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her course, thy almighty word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne…in the midst of the land…”

Wisdom 18: 14-15

Christmas, the birth celebration of a baby boy born somewhere in a dark, wretched stable with only a simple carpenter father to help a lowly handmaid mother.

We hear of no complaints from either parent but only a silent humble royal birth.

* * *

In the midst of whatever may disturb our inner peace, may we pause and reflect on the attitude we keep when confronted with the ordinary, difficult, bleh, boring or insignificant circumstances within our own daily lives.

A Christmas Day reflection inspired by Daily Prompt: High Noon>At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.<

Enjoy a few more High Noon contributors below:

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