Unforeseen Weather Changes

“Honey, what’s happening?” His wife whined. “I can’t be hanging laundry in this kind of weather and don’t blame me about our electric bill this month!”

Glancing out the window, the screenwriter effortlessly glided his fingertips through his thinning, almost white hair.

He watched the invading dark clouds, again, forcefully directing the incoming storm.

He sighed.

After thirty years of failed screenplays, the cursor key blinked for the last time.

Mi Amor,

Please forgive your loving husband.

I arrived at the dream but drove off halfway. In time, I lost my faith to keep afloat in the storm debris.


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Crazy Song Writing

He tore into the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, skipping the usual cup of milk that accompanied his favorite late night snack, and instead, popped open a can of cold beer.

Damn good, he thought, powering up his laptop and checking his email inbox. Two from his girlfriend – yeah, silly, I love you too – one from mom – of course I’m still writing songs, Mom – and, an attorney‘s email?

He opened and read:

You‘ve inherited everything from our recently deceased client and . . .

People are crazy, he thought, as the song lyrics flowed forward.

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Inspiration: The 100 word weekly writing challenge – Friday Fictioneers and country song by Billy Currington, “People are Crazy”

Photo Source: Douglas M. Macllroy 







Sometimes It’s Really Hard to Leave . . .

The frantic mom’s Facebook post status:

I can’t believe it’s time to decorate his dorm room! Where to start?!? Help!!! Online, go to the mall, what??

Several close friends liked and generously offered their suggestions.

“Aw, come on, Mom, Facebook? . . . Really? I don’t need my dorm room decorated!”

“I just want to make sure . . . Could I at least hang a scripture verse?”

“Mom, seriously, relax! I brought stuff from home and whatever else I need the graduation gift cards will take care of it.”

“But . . . Alright, give your momma a hug!”

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Slipping the car keys quickly into my work pants, I rush over to the crime scene with Detective Bruce.

The prominent lawyer and his wife sat lifeless across from each other; their bloody smirched faces slumped heavily into their fine china dinner plates disturbing the heaping of mashed potatoes and green beans.

“Looks like some romantic candlelight dinner, eh?” Bruce said.Friday Fictioneer, Photo prompt, 100 word fiction

“Yeah, right,” I say, handing him a crumpled note. “Looks like the ol’ Mrs. had enough of hubby’s cheap fragrant candle gifts while his mistress got the expensive cars, the thoroughbred race horses and that racetrack built-in her honor.”

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It’s a Mistake!

As the exuberant group of neighborhood kids and my two nieces dash inside to continue their hide and seek game, I answer the  front doorbell, barely audible over the loud uncontrollable children’s laughter going upstairs.

“Hello.” It’s a police detective with news about my brother.

“Please, come in.” We sit at the kitchen table.

“Coffee? That’s right, my brother disappeared five years ago…a scuba diving accident.”

The detective slides a photograph towards me. “Have you seen this person recently? There’s a warrant for his arrest. Do you think this could be your brother?”

“NO! This must be a mistake!”

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Friday Fictioneers, flash fiction, photo prompt
Standing under the presidential inaugural ceremony platform in the courtyard, I watch the volunteers scramble with last-minute decorations. Competing for my attention are desperate street vendors – they call out special deals from their makeshift sidewalk displays – and, the gentle susurration of a wind from gaudy overhanging vinyl fringes.

“Hey, mister,” says a woman holding her artwork. “Wanna buy one?”

Furious, I hand the poor woman some cash. It’s a portrait of my father, our country’s new president, depicted as a saint!

I can’t allow my abusive father, who murdered my sister and bribed the local law, to continue.

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