SUNDAY POST : Entrance…Make it Grand!

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Photo credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr

What is there to say about the word entrance? Well, we can talk killer entryways once you enter through a door of a house or better, an actor making his or her entrance on stage. How about Sandra Bullock’s movie, Miss Congeniality? She plays the quirky character, Gracie, an unattractive FBI agent that later makes her début entrance as a beauty pageant contestant.

In the movie, Michael Caine plays Victor, a beauty coach filled with self-doubt due to his last contestant ruining his reputation because she disliked his method of coaching.  Victor, however, magically transforms Gracie from a klutzy FBI agent into glamorous undercover model ready to impersonate a beauty queen contestant to prevent a rumored terrorist attack.

Gracie’s makeover takes an incredibly long time with her impatient colleagues waiting outside and beginning to doubt Victor’s ability to effectively change Gracie’s appearance and style.

The lesson here is: If you want to make a grand entrance, do it with a great fitting dress and great confidence. Do not let anything break your confidence!

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What is your tip of the day to make a grand entrance?

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Inspiration: Jakesprinter’s SUNDAY POST : Entrance. Check it out and join the fun! 😛

Free Writing for 5 Minutes…It’s Risky Business!

Danger, Risk, Adrenaline, Fear, falling, 5 minute Friday

Risky Business, the movie with Tom Cruise, I don’t remember much of it since I tend to ahem, nap during movies that have not so interesting things going on for this brain. I really need to work on this.

Back to the topic, risk. Life is a series of risk…what do you think? Should I try to avoid taking risks? No, how can we grow in character if we fail to take risks. Learning to drive is a big risk not only for the driver but the passenger who has to accompany you. Yikes.

Passenger to new driver: “Watch out, bread truck!” or “Crap, didn’t you see that stop sign?”

Life is full of risks, but if we can learn to keep cool and jump with confidence; it’s worth all the risks.

Risks…love the adrenaline rush or fear the risk of the fall? 

* Hey y’all, this was my first entry for Free writing exercise in five minutes and I hope you decide to take up the challenge and join up.