Travel theme: Texture | Man Imitates Nature

Walking on nature trails is not only good physical exercise but also a great opportunity to look for ways man has copied a texture design from nature.

For example, on a recent nature walk, I found a tender, soft texture blanket of green moss draping its simple beauty across the path where deer, raccoons, scorpions and snakes normally dwell in harmony. Hmm, this moss looks a bit like seaweed…what do you think?

moss, nature, plant, green, soft, texture

Anyway, I think man’s imitation of the nature’s moss is no other than the textured floor covering called the carpet. The popular floor carpet is everywhere, not only in our homes; but also in office spaces and even on walls to sound proof a room!

My toes prefer to sink themselves into yards of soft, plush textured carpet…ahhh…

Where do your wriggily toes like to hang out?

Perhaps on wooden floors, maybe tap dancing on stone or simply unwinding on luxurious plush carpet?

* * *

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