Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Thank you, readers, for sharing a part of you this past year with me…I am grateful, deeply, for the time you spent making this tiny spot in the vast WordPress universe a big success.

May the Divine One bless us with lasting peace, joy and love.

If you click on the first photo, it will take you on a mini tour highlighting a few cherished moments I shared throughout 2012. Enjoy!

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SUNDAY POST : Reflection–On 86,400 seconds


Today each of us received a miraculous gift.

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“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today,” as William Arthur Ward shared his reflection on this priceless gift from God. He goes on to write, “Have you used one to say “thank you?”

Time is the unseen force that we make fervent attempts to save, hurry along, or slow down. In trying to break bad habits, one way to discipline myself to be ever so grateful for the 86,400 seconds per day, I write at least five things I am most thankful for at the end of each day. Sometimes I discover the next morning that in my tiredness, my thank you list looks like an awful mess, I mean seriously, just a ragged line to represent my thank you for my blog community?!?

Nevertheless, I believe no matter how illegible the gratitude words look on the paper, I know at least my heart wrote it, and my eye-hand coördination made its best attempt as my brain decided to check out to, “drift gently down the tides of sleep,” as Longfellow wrote so long ago.

Again, coming back to the subject of reflection, by the way, it is the Sunday Post theme for this week; I have to tell you how obsessed I am with you, blogosphere.

In fact, I am so obsessed that during our church sermon, I only had one thought; how I could work the sermon message into my blog post!

What the heck or WTH for some of us!!

However, guess what? The sermon was a perfect springboard towards the main reason most bloggers,(of course the pastor did not use the word bloggers, ha ha) like myself, find a more abundant life once we arrive into the blogosphere.

Truly, a key to abundant living is community. Within a community, as we have in WordPress, we find three points that can help bring to light a more exuberant and stimulating outlook both in our personal and blogging life.

However, before I go on, I want to take you back to the 86,400 seconds we received as a gift today and use a great portion of these seconds to tie in the three key points about community. I will also highlight some fantastic, stupendous and wonderful blog friends that, like any great actor would say, without an audience, it does not matter how well the performance.

“The audience gives you everything you need;” as Franny Brice once wrote…“They (audience) tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience.

For this reason, let me give you the three keys I learned from my Sunday church sermon about community and apply my gratitude to a few friends who bring abundant life to this blog.

Three keys to abundant living:

1. Encouragement

We all need to be comforted, inspired, entertained and motivated to feel enriched in the routine of everyday activities.

These  four lovely bloggers are each different in what/how they create but in the one way they are all similar. They all are consistent when it comes to encouragement. We all know the enormous time it takes to keep our own blogs afloat and looking fine, but somehow they always find the time to visit and share a bit of their time and wisdom with others.

Unfortunately, confession time; I have not always carried on in their good examples.

Here are the dynamic four:

Caddo Veil
If you need anything, go here. Caddo Veil has spunk, words to move you, faith to share with you, laughter, and she has awesome cyber parties with lots, and lots of good food…and spiked drinks. J

>Thank you for all the blessings and support you have given me, dear, sis-Caddo! You are a bright star in the blogosphere.<

If you need a dedicated friend, one that rarely ever misses reading and sharing in your posts, Angelswhisper is your answer. She writes with the help of her Little Binky, an awesome sweet little kitty!

>My heart-felt thanks to you, Angelswhisper, and Little Binky! You bring the angels to life here in the blogosphere.<

Babyjill7 aka Marilyn Griffen
Marilyn taught special education for many years and she brings her own unique way of posting out messages to her readers. I will not let it out because you should run over to her place and give her a big, HEY, and find out her unique style.

>Marilyn, thank you for reading and sharing abundantly when you visit…I really appreciate you kindness and thoughtfulness. The blogosphere is a better place with you here.<

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge
Philo Mouse is the one to go to for any unusual news happening…one can learn so many new things here and if you love German Shepherds, like I do, Philo Mouse can fill you with some fab doggy stories.

>Thank you Philo Mouse for your consistent visits that I truly appreciate! The blogosphere is much more creative with all your fun ways you use your words.<

2. Accountability

“I feel we are all islands–in a common sea.” ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In this vast common sea, blogosphere, we all have our islands (blogs) and sometimes it is hard to get motivated to put together a post. It takes time and effort. Belle of the Carnival had such a wonderful idea for keeping herself accountable by asking her audience, “You have one question for me?”

Hope you run over there and ask her the one question!

>You rock, Darcie! Thank you for keeping the blogosphere so entertaining!!<

Another way to keep posting consistently is committing to one or more blogging challenges such as Jakesprinter‘s SUNDAY POST : Reflection.  Every week there is a new challenge and you are not limited in how you want to share your theme’s interpretation.

In addition, Jake puts out some creative graphic art even if you decide a challenge is not right at this time.

>Jake, no words can describe the awesome good you are doing here in the blogosphere! Thanks for pushing us to become better bloggers with your weekly inspirations!<

3. Passion

Again, all the bloggers mentioned above can fit in this category because they all create, in their own way with passion and style.

Still, if you have not visited Mirth and Motivation, this really should be on your blogging bucket list. Elizabeth is master at creating extensive and well put together posts with emphasis on motivating us in a positive way.

>Elizabeth, I know you have heard me a billion times, so here is one more: THANK YOU!! The blogosphere is all the wiser with you here.<

Last but not least, From the Heart of Arindam. Folks, here is a passionate young man, er, single, if any of you ladies would like to know, who simply writes from his beautiful heart on a variety of subjects and, is working diligently to publish his first book. Check it out!!

>Arindam, you are what all of us should strive to become: reflective, filled with goodness and hard-working. Your contributions make the blogosphere so much richer. Thank you!<

To sum up my Sunday reflections, remember, we graciously get 86,400 seconds per day and of course, we will spend a vast amount of those seconds in gratitude.

Right? Of course, right!

Let us thank not only the Divine one who blesses us with this gift, but to those in our own community. In my case, in this, oh, so lengthy post, (sorry…just wanted to make sure my 86,400 seconds was well spent) my deepest gratitude to all the bloggers who have made my life overflowing with abundance by your encouragement, accountability and passion for what you do.

In reflection, who would you like to use your 86,400 seconds to thank?

Enjoy other Sunday Post entries:


Weekly Image Of Life: A Lifetime Of Memories–On God

“Nothing else is required than to act toward God, in the midst of your occupations, as you do, even when busy, toward those who love you and whom you love.”  ~St. Alphonsus Liguori

How does a person “act toward God,” and how does a person simply remember their faith journey?  I have no recollection of my baptism and today, my religious memories are just snippets of faith teachings here and there. But what if God was sitting next to me as I write this, or should I say, how would I act in front of him? Would my actions change because I know God is sitting right next to me? What memories do I want to remember about my God? What faith memories do I have??

Nothing comes to mind about my baptism, I do remember nuns, so I did get baptized early and I did go to Catholic schools, but not consistently. Since my family had very weak ties to the church, I took it upon myself to follow-up after high school to get confirmed with the Catholic Church. Confirmation is just a teen Catholic thing, in my opinion, and really, my memory of the whole thing is simply, a big blur.

As you can tell, my sparse Catholic upbringing without a strong family support did nothing to build a lifetime of faith building memories. I could say, I am a product of my upbringing. Thankfully, I can go on a, do-it-yourself, mini spiritual exercise,called, What If…, to overcome my lack of lifetime faith memories that lives dormant within me.

What if God paid me a visit, now…

God,memories,weekly image of life,faith,Christianity,life,

I actually would pull up a chair and politely ask God, ” Please, have a seat.”

Now, I look over at him and think, hmm, this is the great Divine, the One most revered and He is sitting next to me!! What should I say or do??

Nervously, I shamefully say, “Would you like a beer? I have an extra can, not chilled, but you can have it over ice. Maybe, coffee or tea, perhaps?”

I fidget in my chair and frantically think, girl, say something…but what? What can I say to God who is sitting next to me that He does not know already?

Randomly I blurt out, “Uh, you know Roxy, my hen, passed on yesterday. Of course, you knew all about that but still, just in case you had other things going on, and uh, what is up with the thermostat turned way up to 115 degrees?? Just wondering…”

(He wants to know what I am up to.)

“Oh, this, uh, it is blogging. A bunch of us bloggers share what we know or have talent for on a page called a post and then we publish it over the blogosphere. I am just a rookie, still learning all the ins and outs and making mistakes left and right.”

He nods approvingly, I hope.

“Papa, (I call Him that) we have a lifetime of memories, right? Maybe one day you will tell me the story of how you created me and the story of all your hopes and dreams you anticipated I would carry out for you? I need to hear these stories…please?”


Crazy, I know, but, What If...is a mini exercise that helps put God back into perspective because:

I sometimes forget what is important in life.

I forget that a lifetime of memories comes not only with special celebrations, cherished moments with loved ones, with every pain and heartache endured up to this point, but also through the imagination.

I forget that nothing else is required from me, that my life can go on as ordinary or extraordinary, and the only thing required is simply to point all my actions towards God.


“Papa, I love you. Thank you for every life memory, happy, sad, tough and good times,  imprinted on my heart. I may have forgotten many of the spiritual ones, but the ones I do remember, I want to hold on to them tightly because I do not ever want to forget…You.”

If you would like inspiration every week, please hop on over to Island Traveler’s, Weekly Image Of Life: A Lifetime Of Memories.


Now, it’s your turn: What if God paid you a visit, now…