Boredom Buster List

I am bored with you

“I’m so bored today.”
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If someone you know says, “I’m so bored today,” I may have a simple remedy.

Simply flash your beautiful smile, gently take their hands and sit them in front of your blog site. As you dazzle them with your WordPress home, take hold of their chin, move their head slowly to make eye contact and firmly say:

“Boredom is a choice and life is too short to waste on frivolous nothings!”

“When you are born again into the blog-o-sphere world, (preferably WordPress) your boredom will instantly disappear.”

Simple remedy.

Most avid bloggers know, once a blog is up and running, there is basically, as the old cliché goes, “Never a dull moment.” 

Maddie Cochere, from Breezy Books, aptly wrote recently in a comment thread, “…Sometimes putting up a blog post and reading blogs is like a full-time job.”

You and I both know how true Maddie’s words are. Choosing a blogger’s life, for most bloggers, is like having a full-time, “labor-of-love,” type of  job.

There is always something to do. Work starts from post preparation involving research and editing, to keeping on top of blog sites you follow, to your own blog site comment responses, and least we forget, overall general blog housekeeping to keep your home blog site refreshed and updated.

For example, where I live, summer means taking breaks from normal routine. I decided, since it’s summer, to set aside a few days for some blog site upkeep. Like housekeeping chores, if I don’t prioritize to make time to clean and reorganize, it does not get done. Ever.

Same goes with my blog. I am not finished reorganizing my blogroll page yet and what got completed took a more than a few days to complete.

So, as a blogger, who has time to be bored?

If someone ever utters, “I’m so bored today,” the only suggestion I can make as a blogger is:

“Get yourself a free blog site. It can cure, pronto, the dreaded boredom disease. Once you get started, however, you may even wish you could add more time to your day.”

Here is a  Boredom Buster list I plan to hand over to any friend stricken with the dreaded, “I’m so bored today” disease. Check it:

Boredom Buster List:

#1: Visit the Fitting Room 

Bored person: With 216  WordPress Themes to try for a perfect blog site fit, you can spend hours (and hours) lost in the theme fitting room.

It can become addicting as well.

Boredom, busted.

#2: Visit and Hangout at the Playground

Photo credit: juanpol via flickr

“Wow, I’m not bored anymore!”
photo source: juanpol via flickr

Bored person: You  may not want to create a single post and instead, follow blogs in your WordPress Reader. You will find an infinite source of entertainment by reading all the variety of blog post constantly streaming 24/7.

Boredom, busted.

#3. Take Educational Visits

Bored person: Every theme comes loaded with many blog options to spruce up a blog site. Take for instance, my wanting to know how to create a drop down list feature to give my readers an easier navigation process within my blog home.

You may be a very smart bored person and figure this feature out snappy, but, unfortunately, I sat in the dark awhile trying to figure it all out. Finally I visited Custom Menus–WordPress Support and the video instruction easily got me back into the light of things.

Just know, bored person, it takes time to build your blog home just as you envision it. Use your time getting WordPress educated.

Boredom, busted!

#4. Stay in Shape: Visit the Gym

Bored person: I like to think of blog challenges as gym work. Nothing gets you in shape quicker than frequent and consistent visits to an exercise gym. Weekly blog Challenges and Daily Prompts can help you stay on target with blog goals, challenging exercises, inspiration and definitely keep your boredom disease at bay.

Boredom, busted!

Did I miss anything on the Boredom Buster list?

Please, share…and if you hear the, “I’m so bored today,” words slipping from a friend’s mouth, you know the secret:

Be a good friend, get them a free WordPress blog site and hand them the Boredom Buster list. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Move Forward…Don’t Stop!!


Some days find me like a dead stump. Doubt and fear find my creative spirit idling in neutral, unable to move forward.  Even caffeine fails to throw me in first gear! Have you noticed, as an artist, no matter what media is your passion, when self-doubt and fear creeps in, how easy it is to give up? Whether a writer, photographer, actor, or even as a blogger, you begin to think everyone is far more talented and smarter than you are. Instead of another artist’s work inspiring, you spiral into despair and whine how hopeless it all is. Unfortunately, spending too much time in this state of mind, can fence in and kill the once vibrant creative life.  We stop writing, the camera goes on the shelf and as a blogger, we simply stop posting.

Dale Carnegie says, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

So, if you happen to be stuck, as I am sometimes, but want to move forward again, then, perhaps John Frusciante’s words can help…

“I find that the best way to do things is to constantly move forward and to never doubt anything and keep moving forward, if you make a mistake say you made a mistake.”

Ha! I sent doubt and fear back to no man’s land by posting for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward. You can too! Simply take action and do not quit!! 

How do you move forward when stuck in doubt and fear mode?


On Blogging: Why, ‘self,’ are you still living as a half committed blogger?

Change is not merely necessary to life–it is life. ~Alvin Toffler

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Well, life for me lately has been all about blogging. If I am not working to pay the bills, doing general housework to live in a tidy and decent space and caring for the spoiled household pets around here, you know I am doing something related to blogging. Yesterday was no exception. I spent half the morning doing what most bloggers do, that is, reading, commenting, gather ideas to put together the next post and occasionally do some blog page renovations. While practicing the art of blogging, my thoughts lingered over what I could share that would have some meaning (and not just fluff) to anyone who may happen to come over to this blog.

The one thought that stood out was how blogging uncovers the person living inside you. For example, I discovered how much fun writing can be. It has been so enjoyable that I am now reading with delight, Julia Cameron‘s, The Right to Write book. I have also found that I think like a bird. You know, a free bird, no major commitments, ready to fly out of any situation with just a few flap of the wings. However, I have come to see that sometimes it is good to have your wings clipped to make a, *gasp,* commitment; especially if blogging brings stability and opportunities to practice many ways to become a better communicator.

Perhaps change is not merely necessary to life, but change may also be necessary to a blog.  Commitment, for those with a flighty heart, may be necessary to a blog as well.

Since my one-year blog anniversary is coming up in September, I thought I would share with you some good changes that have happened around here and a commitment I am proud to have made since my first shaky post on, of all things, snakes!  Now how charming and elegant of a start is that?


After a long “shopping trip” over at the Word Press Theme store, I originally thought the Chateau theme was an elegant way to make my mark on the blogosphere. After a few posts, however, it occurred to me that the Bueno theme was really the one that showed the sunny and fluffy blogger (yikes!) I was turning out to be. Only I knew about the slowly emerging writing style coming out of me and it took my 12th post–can you believe it–before someone noticed my existence. Suddenly, after laying out a dozen eggs posts, I got my first like!  (Thank you, Ng Tom!)

I stayed happily in love with my Bueno theme, experimenting and playing around with most of its options and had the time of my life blogging almost everyday. It took me several months to figure out how to activate the Featured Post widget to show a thumbnail image next to the widget feature. Whenever I saw another blogger using the same Bueno theme and using the thumbnail image with their featured posts, I would ask how they did it. I did not hear back from any of them, (maybe I forgot to say the magic word, please) but somehow, I managed to figure it out on my own.


In May of 2012, the tag line (is it called a tag line?) that shows up when you first open your dashboard finally got my attention.

Upgrade your own domain!

I would press to read about upgrading my domain, but never dreamed of committing to it.  It sounded so complicated and please, do not ask how many times I went over there to read about it. (Okay, I went over many times! Sheesh.) Then, my half way mark as an almost daily blogger went by and I was still, totally ‘in love’ with writing and blogging so my ‘serious self’ suddenly asked this bold question:

Why, ‘self,’ are you still living as a half committed blogger?

“Uh, well,” I said, “because it is free? There are no strings or money involved and I can leave and walk fly away anytime. Nothing lost. ”

Then, to make sure I removed any thoughts of committing to an upgrade, my thoughts whispered, “oh, upgrading is much too expensive.” Alas, after calculating all the cost, I knew I could afford $2.75 per month and what is that, about nine cents a day, on something I felt was one of the best change that has come my way in a long time. Therefore, in May of 2012, I finally said YES, and my blogging life has never been happier. Oh, gosh, I felt like I had just said YES to be married or something!


I simply want to say that the domain upgrade makes me feel this is not just a ‘drive-by’ love affair, rather, an affair that has an unspoken promise of sharing no matter how I feel or how busy my life becomes.

“A full commitment is a promise to stay active regardless of the endless changes and challenges life brings to us.” ~Sunshine


However, with the domain upgrade, I found another thing about myself. Self control. I need to practice not going overboard when I find a good thing. For example, with the new domain change came the customized fonts and soon after, another theme change: the Forever theme. It seemed only logical to go all out and celebrate like that of a festive wedding ceremony. Okay, so now my love affair is costing me a mere, $5.25 per month minus internet service fees but that is cheaper than going to the movie theater these days.

Endless changes are all part of life and part of blogging. I hope this has encouraged you to welcome changes despite the disruptions changes often bring. Oh, and if you happen to suffer from commitorum metus or commitment phobia, I totally understand where you are coming from.


 Do you find yourself  reflecting on  how blogging is uncovering and defining the person inside you?

Are you the type who welcome blog changes and accept commitment well?


5 Minute Friday: When Will it be ENOUGH?


batman, shooting spree,theater,5 minute friday, enough,

When will it be enough that we stop hurting each other? Tragic recent news from Aurora, Colorado…theater 9…evacuation…mass shooting at the midnight showing of the new movie, Batman. The radio news spills out that at least 12 people killed and at least 40 people injured.

When will it be enough that a 24-year-old male can enter a movie theater wearing black attire, carrying a shotgun, wearing a riot helmet and bulletproof vest?

Chaos ran rampant an eyewitness explained as movie goers tried to find ways to escape from theater 9 room…the movie was still running as the shooter let loose. How did the shooter know to start shooting during a major gun scene in the movie causing the audience to think it was all part of the movie?

But, hey, why should we be surprised by this awful situation when it does not seem violent/graphic movies will ever end, perhaps this, James Holmes, was simply acting out what he had learned from his past experiences; he may have had enough of fantasy and just made his world a reality.

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Why Picking the Right Car Color is Important

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good, on YOU!”
~Coco Chanel

color,white,weekly image of life,car color,photograph,blog,fastidiousI drive around a white car. Before that, I drove a red car and it would have been white had I the time to wait around for the perfect ‘used’ white car to show up. The car before the red car, however, was white.

As you can see, white is my preferred vehicle color.

I know it seems as if I go through many cars in such a short time but not really. You see, many of the cars I buy, are what I call, “throwaways,” you know, left behind for the newer, more improved car models, uh, very similar to some people who get up one morning and leave a relationship–some with little ones sitting at the breakfast table– for the, younger, more hip relationship. However, we are not going there today.

Today we are focusing on color, “the one that looks good, on YOU!”

For me, driving white vehicles looks good on me. I mean, the color white gives a great illusion of looking cleaner than say, a black car; hides dents and scratches better and makes me think the interior of the car is cooler during a middle of a summer heat wave. It may all be in my imagination…who knows?

Guess what? I just found out that my white car obsession is a sure sign that I am very FASTIDIOUS and according to the dictionary that means, “very attentive to or concerned about accuracy and detail.” It also could mean, “very concerned about matters off cleanliness.”

Darn, just because of a white car obsession, it could show that a person’s personality is choosy, particular and squeamish. Oh, well, at least dainty and nice are two other synonyms for being fastidious; that is not a bad thing, eh?

Therefore, the color(s) you choose or would choose if you owned a car can show your true inner side.

Hey, did I just see you leave a smudge on my car window??


What car color accurately describes you?

See what the color of the vehicle you drive says about you by Leatrice Eiseman, CMG


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Live Bold Today: Tell a …

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photo source: Wikimedia

Just for today, BE BOLD: tell a lie.

Here is mine:

I have five minutes before boarding my private jet plane this morning heading for some sun and relaxation on Tahiti. The pilot assures us a safe flight for the small entourage of close friends, family members and myself. If you want, you can come along; there is plenty of room on the plane…

Come on, you do not need to be shy, just pack a few things; swimming attire, hat, sunscreen and let us go to Bora Bora, Tahiti!

They say it is the most romantic, the closest thing to heaven and American author James A. Michener (Tales of South Pacific and Hawaii are just two books he is known for) described it as the most beautiful island in the world.

I am out of here…

“Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth.”
~theodor adorno


What is your bold lie for today?