Spring, I’ve Missed You So . . .

hello dear friend,
Spring . . .
i’ve missed you so

shivering under
cold embrace and Continue reading

My Most Perfect Prayer for April 2013

photo source: Pinterest via http://winning-path.blogspot.com/2012/12/new-year-thoughts.html?m=1

photo source: Pinterest via winning-path.blogspot.com

As promised, I challenged myself to another month-long Grateful 4 daily list. I admit, due to my sheer laziness, I failed to update the list on a couple of days, but my free flow list of gratitude still lives on!

Prolific writer, G. K. Chesterton once wrote:

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

If we constantly live in a state of perpetual thanksgiving, then imagine the enormous wave of happiness flowing abundantly over the world. Thanks to everyday gurus| Kozo for the inspiration to begin daily gratitude expressions.

Let the world become the happy place we wish it to be.

My April’s free flow grateful 4 list: the gift of laughter found in funny movies, all needs provided for, goodness found in people i meet, lounging house cats; Andy Andrews’ book: The Butterfly Effect book| How Your Life Matters; early morning rain ♥ turkey leftovers, banking system...

Divine Love that shines through even during a cold and very rainy gray day  

The Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb; gas stations, good health; warm, sunny days to dry up all rain puddles ♥ pizza fully loaded, three bags of groceries, smiles i found on many people’s faces, battery operated weed eaters–so much lighter in weight than gas-powered ones; riding lawn mowers, steaming hot bowl of soup made all day in your crock pot! FRIDAY…stay up late, sleep in Saturday ♥ public libraries, clean & reorganized work desk, plate full of hot grits, eggs and Spam…

Half-Price Books 2013 calendar & how this company commits to give over a MILLION BOOKS each year for worthy causes 

..infinite GOODNESS that flows from the Divine; delightful actors, James Franco & Rachel Weisz in the movie, Oz, the Great & Powerful; lazy Sunday afternoons;

 Sr. Joan Chittister‘s thought: “DOUBT is something to be grateful for…” 

Frontline flea/tick prevention for dogs & cats, dry marker erase boards,days that flow smooth from start to finish,cranberry/pomegranate juice! thunderstorms and rain, galaxies full of bright stars ♥ glass of cold almond/coconut milk…so yummy! 

honest & hard-working auto mechanics that go beyond to help fix your car; April showers ♥ Strawberry Planta strawberry plant that somehow survived from last year’s planting season; yoga pose, Hanumanasana, that really gives a good stretch to hamstrings and groin. ouch!  rain or shine…15-minute mindful meditation.

safety pins, flannel pillowcases, spaghetti dinner, Elephant Journal; my hair stylist, because no matter when I call on a last-minute moment, she manages to squeeze me into her busy schedule;

♥all the blog friends that share their beautiful heart thoughts♥

French toast, lots of butter and warm maple syrup & hot coffee, friends you can text/call and unload your mind with; lazy Saturday mornings just to sit, read & relax… 

finding out your favorite animal feed store has a no sales tax day today, hot and delicious rotisserie chicken & baked potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream

♥ catching myself thinking negative thoughts about a person but quickly change it to well wishes instead

one little girl at Sunday School with the ☼sunniest personalityWeekly Photo Challengesfresh bottled water, early morning appointment at the hair salon, cup of lemon-ginger herbal tea,

the Ligo Haibun team and weekly writers & for the special mention of the post, Poverty Triumphs 

warmer spring weather, daily prayer devotional booklet, not having any major damage during the earthquakes this early morning; baking time:pineapple breakfast muffins…except it needs more sugar but guess that’s what jam is for;

the opportunity to photograph a dress rehearsal for the next community stage play ♥ severe thunderstorms because it reminds me the Divine is really in control, homemade Indian Taco lunch served at church fundraiser;

really sore leg muscles after yoga session…reminds me how exquisite the human body is! 

living with fixed limited budget so as a reminder that everything that flows through my day truly is a gift, fresh bag of navel oranges; gift of vision…to witness Divine glory that surrounds us❤ new buds & leaves coming up, volunteers that generously give their time teaching illiterate adults how to read;

finding blog friends who took some time off but are now back in the mix of things...Sonel’s Corner, for example…

Terrific Chinese food buffet restaurants that make you eat way more than your body can comfortably handle;Unforgettable musical stage performances ♥ Miniature horses, Family time ☺ National Library Week April 14-20, Earth Day pot luck with church family ♥ Dyson vacuüm cleaner,

St. Francis Peace prayer…especially for those at the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy

smooth river rocksjuicy grapefruitanother night of severe thunderstorms to appreciate the calm clear nights, central heat during a strange spring “freeze warning” kind of daycheerful friends, $1 bargains over @ Wal-Mart ♥ pasta dinner;

cattle grazing in pastures, the wild rabbitshelp from Akismet staff; quick help from WordPress Forum/support; chocolate swirl ice creaminspirational yoginis, night at the theatre, dependable Ford Ranger truck;

Poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson wisdom words: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies WITHIN us.” ♥

fresh donuts and hot coffee before church; rooster who crows at odd hours…like 3 am?!? clean clothes, @ symboldandelion weedsdelicious pastrami sub sandwich, tasty buttermilk brownies,

special mention @ Ligo Haibun for Broken♥Hearts post, 

breezy, just right temperature day today, musical concert featuring very talented college students performing in combined choir & orchestra ♥ last day of April; 

A Ben Stein moment:“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.”

…phone text capabilitiescrazy friends that make you laugh; assisting a stray calf on the highway who managed to escape from pasture…bad calf; y’all who keep me inspired and challenged…AMEN! 

Thank you for being part of this perfect prayer for April 2013.

* * *

What moment in April found you totally giving thanks and thus increasing world happiness?

* * *

Falling Madly In Love with Arthur Symons!

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? Well, what better way to celebrate this awesome event by going out and searching  for a poet to simply fall madly in love with! I’m giddy with spring fever and in love with Arthur!!

Ohh, let me tell you how I met poetry man,  Arthur Symons! It was one fine night in April, exactly at midnight…

-photo source: Wikimedia Common

april midnight by arthur symons

Side by side through the streets at midnight,
Roaming together,
Through the tumultuous night of London,
In the miraculous April weather.
Roaming together under the gaslight,
Day’s work over,
How the Spring calls to us, here in the city,
Calls to the heart from the heart of a lover!
Cool to the wind blows, fresh in our faces,
Cleansing, entrancing,
After the heat and the fumes and the footlights,
Where you dance and I watch your dancing.
Good it is to be here together,
Good to be roaming,
Even in London, even at midnight,
Lover-like in a lover’s gloaming.
You the dancer and I the dreamer,
Children together,
Wandering lost in the night of London,
In the miraculous April weather.

Find out more about Arthur by clicking this photo. . . he is simply a smashing poet! -photo source: Wikimedia common

And there dear readers is my *blushing* lover poetry man and I hope you find a poet to fall head-over-heels over, so you may uncover

 your childhood imagination and dance the night away!

With love,

Sunshine xoxo

What poet(s) have you simply fallen in love with?