Here We Go. Again.

Okay, so it is time for Chuck, my over-sized dog, and I to play virtual tourist. Again.

Great Pyrenees, Chuck blog dog, canine,

Old picture of Chuck because, well, I’m too lazy to load a new one. 😆

Right now Chuck is sleeping the evening away . . . anyway, our last state tour was Alaska right after the Alabama visit.

Can you guess the next state?

“Tell me, NOW! What state are we going to next?!?”

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Hey Now. Chuck Thinks Alaska.

Time to leave Alabama, hop over to Alaska, also known as the Last Frontier, and visit the next American state on my virtual blog tour.

My thoughts about Alaska? It’s very cold and supposedly very short daylight hours. The capital city is (I know, I know), Juneau.

Juneau 05

photo source: Flickr, Dale Musselman – Juneau Morning 05

Hey now, since my dog Chuck thrives better with frosty temperatures, I bet his doggy bucket list would probably list as follows — but only if he could get his hefty self over to Alaska. 😆 Continue reading