Here We Go. Again.

Okay, so it is time for Chuck, my over-sized dog, and I to play virtual tourist. Again.

Great Pyrenees, Chuck blog dog, canine,

Old picture of Chuck because, well, I’m too lazy to load a new one. 😆

Right now Chuck is sleeping the evening away . . . anyway, our last state tour was Alaska right after the Alabama visit.

Can you guess the next state?

“Tell me, NOW! What state are we going to next?!?”

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American Study: On Alabama, “The Heart of Dixie”, Peanuts, Cake, a Book and Song

My last post featured the devastating boll weevil invasion in Alabama which led to the rise of the peanut farming industry that saved Alabama’s economy.

I figure we hang around virtual Alabama a bit, also known as the “Heart of Dixie, “The Cotton State” or “The Yellowhammer State” and, if you are at all curious about the capital to this twenty-second state, it is . . . Continue reading