Five Minute Friday: Connect–Energetic Toddlers!


On some days, when morning comes, you have no energy to connect. It feels so good to bury down deep and rest the weary head.

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But, I do not want to connect…not yet…five more minutes…please??

Writing in this moment to connect in quick challenges is my way to somehow roll out of the slumber I long to hold onto because, well, not getting up, shoot, feels so damn good!

How does one connect with the electrified energy from a roomful of exuberant children, no older than two and three years of age, with nothing on their minds except their expansive imagination and silly little games?

Energetic Child: “Look how high I can jump to the sun!”
Day Care Attendant: zzz… oh, uh, yea, i see…zzz…

We need to ‘get quenched’ in this magical world, to be connected with our imagination, where someone can be the handsome prince and another, a beautiful princess. Perhaps, together, we can connect with the needy of this world, and share the wealth of our kingdom, as only true royalty would.

Energetic toddlers, for me, quench my desires to connect with writing from the imagination. Stop.

What quenches your desire to connect?

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Here are the three books I hope to finish reading soon, one for sure since it is a daily prayer booklet and if I do not finish it–shame on me!

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be here now…

Here on a comfortable spot I begin the journey, page after page, my mind flows over so much wisdom. Julia Cameron comes first with the words to encourage the use of the morning pages–it is free writing on anything and it should fill up three and a half pages.

 Here I have all the intentions to read. It is here I want to grab a few laughs with the book, 50 Funniest American Writers, practice the art of writing with, The Right to Write and of course, my morning coffee and prayers with, Give Us This Day and my last goodnight prayers with, Give Us This Day.

Life here seems so short and I feel time must be used wisely.

So, here are the current three reading materials, filled with so much wisdom…Here all waiting for me to open the pages and begin the journey–
To learn
To laugh
To grow in God’s goodness and grace…
Here I begin to read a chapter or two, but it takes only a short time before my eyes decide, it is time to sleep…Stop


Here I want to complete three reading materials soon and what do hope to finish, soon?


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5 Minute Friday: When Will it be ENOUGH?


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When will it be enough that we stop hurting each other? Tragic recent news from Aurora, Colorado…theater 9…evacuation…mass shooting at the midnight showing of the new movie, Batman. The radio news spills out that at least 12 people killed and at least 40 people injured.

When will it be enough that a 24-year-old male can enter a movie theater wearing black attire, carrying a shotgun, wearing a riot helmet and bulletproof vest?

Chaos ran rampant an eyewitness explained as movie goers tried to find ways to escape from theater 9 room…the movie was still running as the shooter let loose. How did the shooter know to start shooting during a major gun scene in the movie causing the audience to think it was all part of the movie?

But, hey, why should we be surprised by this awful situation when it does not seem violent/graphic movies will ever end, perhaps this, James Holmes, was simply acting out what he had learned from his past experiences; he may have had enough of fantasy and just made his world a reality.

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Free Writing for 5 Minutes…It’s Risky Business!

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Risky Business, the movie with Tom Cruise, I don’t remember much of it since I tend to ahem, nap during movies that have not so interesting things going on for this brain. I really need to work on this.

Back to the topic, risk. Life is a series of risk…what do you think? Should I try to avoid taking risks? No, how can we grow in character if we fail to take risks. Learning to drive is a big risk not only for the driver but the passenger who has to accompany you. Yikes.

Passenger to new driver: “Watch out, bread truck!” or “Crap, didn’t you see that stop sign?”

Life is full of risks, but if we can learn to keep cool and jump with confidence; it’s worth all the risks.

Risks…love the adrenaline rush or fear the risk of the fall? 

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