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Devastating Reductions

Mary shivered on the biopsy chair. The technologist asked if she wanted another blanket. God, no, Mary thought, as she declined the offer, instead, what would be nice; a scar free body and her original 34B, left breast. Twenty minutes into the procedure, Mary flinched – her left breast compressed on the biopsy plate. She promised herself total equanimity and no crying!

“Hey, Doc,” said Mary quivering, “I’m beginning to look like the mountain range behind this hospital. There’s only so many lumpectomy a girl can handle before she…she…”

“Go ahead, Mary, let your tears flow,” the understanding doctor whispered.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with host, Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.


Genre: Contemporary

Photo credit: Danny Bowman


Retirement Home Drama

It‘s exciting! Being voted most popular resident-of-the-year, but at an unfortunate compromise with Henri, the retirement home ladies man. What a stud, that sparkly diamond earring on his left earlobe.

Victory appears inevitable, as you charmingly sashay throughout the dining room collecting votes. However, the choir ladies remain loyal to Henri – damn his white denture smile; you need every vote!

Winning at any cost – your life motto – you pull Henri aside. “Listen, you old swinger, step out from the race…I’ll indulge in your naughty voyeur fantasy game. Give a ring on the bell and remember, take your heart medications!”

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Inspiration:  Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. 


Photo credit: David Stewart from Green Walled Tower


Crisis in the Jungle

Every morning the old man disappears into the hills. She worries. Her father, even though at eighty, physically, he is stronger than most of the sedentary men in the village.

She finishes hanging the laundry as her papa emerges from the lush forest. Strange, usually he waves and smiles letting her know the family would eat well tonight. Now, her papa seems to be limping.

Rushing forward, she carries his hunting gear but suddenly his legs buckle. He falls backward – the bag of fresh killed meat flies high into the chilly air. His last, barely audible words “Rebels…coming…take family down…village….quickly.”

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. 

THE KEY: Make every word count.

Genre: contemporary fiction

Photo credit: Bjorn Rudbergs Writings

The Real Estate Listing

Nick worried. How will Tom react with Nick‘s success at the early morning meeting? Nick had sold the property no one could sell and the reward would be a promotion and substantial pay raise.

Ten years as co-workers, the friendly competition between Nick and Tom helped close sales but recent erratic behavior indicated Tom’s anxiety problems. Tom felt only he deserved this promotion.

“Nick, you thieving bastard!” Tom screamed at the meeting. “The client was mine! Everyone knows I can sell even the air if someone sparks an interest!”

Tom lunged forward towards Nick fatally knifing out his co-worker’s accomplishment.

— — —

Rochelle Wiseof-Fields, Friday Fictioneers Challenge:

Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


Make every word count.

Photo Credit: Dawn Quyle Landau

Genre: Contemporary

A Friday Fictioneers Affair – Who Done It?

This week’s photograph from the Friday Fictioneers hundred word story challenge intrigued me for some reason. Perhaps the two gossiping station cleaners I observed while waiting for friends to arrive triggered the story.

Who knows?

copyright – Dawn M. Miller

“Such a shame about that rich kid,” she said. “Here his mother built such a successful jewelry store empire, and all destroyed by this murder business!”

“I dunno,” younger cleaner replied. “It may have been the mother. Remember years ago when her husband turned up dead? She hired that hot-shot attorney and got acquitted.”

“Nah, I still think her son felt threatened by mom’s new beguiling lover. He was almost his age you know. Sure good-looking and mama’s boy may have sensed trouble ahead. ”

“Girl, get back to cleaning. Let the jury decide tomorrow who gets the guilty verdict.”

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Friday Fictioneers meets every week. The challenge is to a write one hundred story with the given photo prompt. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the gracious host, gives the key: “Make every word count.” 


Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Mystic is cracked,” bellowed a jealous filly, Brownie, to the rest of the herd as they walked closer to the fence to observe the white horse.

Jewels gracefully shook her mane to scare off the horseflies. “Nah, I love how Mystic’s perspicacious mind operates. How I wish I thought about lifting up the water hose just to be funny. Observe who gets more apples and more daily brushes. It is Mystic because she expands her thinking away from the ordinary. We should be more like her,” said Jewels.

Suddenly, Mystic mumbled through the hose between her lips, “Hey, guys, want water?”

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Inspiration and Challenge: Friday Fictioneers. Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.

(No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)

THE KEY: Make every word count.

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