The Cure

“Yes!” I said excitedly gently nudging Brad, my research partner of twelve years, as he tinkered over the laptop keys.

“One year remission and the big breakthrough we’ve been hoping for, right? Hey, what the hell, Brad? Why did you delete all our research notes? Have you gone insane? You know my . . .”

Brad cut me off mid-sentence. “You don’t understand all the ramifications if we disclose our findings. The government must never know we have the cure!”

Tears blurred my vision.

“Don’t worry,” Brad said. “Your brother will still get his daily gelatinous salve treatments but without government subsidies.”

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I hope you like walking, or we could jog . . .
if you wore the right running shoes,
mine has worn thin, so the former will have to do.
Follow me, but be careful
at the crosswalks
drivers have known to speed up
if you get my drift
their aim is to eliminate
the threat they see growing,
— across from the university campus
— In a public spot,
a menace like yourself, forced
to wear the ragged debt of student loans and
stains of unpaid bills which you can’t
launder clean
Don’t worry. I understand.
Park your van next to mine.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers. The 100-word weekly writing challenge that starts on Wednesday. 🙂

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On Samantha’s Blog

Samantha‘s updated blog post:

Hey guys! Well, visiting with daddy before school starts the next week. Second day. Let’s see…oh, yes, nudged awake too early this morning by drifting waves of coffee brewing, bacon frying, and NPR Tom Ashbrook’s On Point, a news analysis program blaring away. #ilovemydaddysomuch!

You may know my father, if you follow my blog, being a writer, he loves collecting antique writing memorabilia. He does!

Look. An antique desk handed down from his grandfather.

Daddy still writes all his stories in longhand using this desk.

Way cool, huh?

So, let‘s catch up again tomorrow, okay? #Muahh!


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Unforeseen Weather Changes

“Honey, what’s happening?” His wife whined. “I can’t be hanging laundry in this kind of weather and don’t blame me about our electric bill this month!”

Glancing out the window, the screenwriter effortlessly glided his fingertips through his thinning, almost white hair.

He watched the invading dark clouds, again, forcefully directing the incoming storm.

He sighed.

After thirty years of failed screenplays, the cursor key blinked for the last time.

Mi Amor,

Please forgive your loving husband.

I arrived at the dream but drove off halfway. In time, I lost my faith to keep afloat in the storm debris.


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Devastating Reductions

Mary shivered on the biopsy chair. The technologist asked if she wanted another blanket. God, no, Mary thought, as she declined the offer, instead, what would be nice; a scar free body and her original 34B, left breast. Twenty minutes into the procedure, Mary flinched – her left breast compressed on the biopsy plate. She promised herself total equanimity and no crying!

“Hey, Doc,” said Mary quivering, “I’m beginning to look like the mountain range behind this hospital. There’s only so many lumpectomy a girl can handle before she…she…”

“Go ahead, Mary, let your tears flow,” the understanding doctor whispered.

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Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with host, Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields

THE CHALLENGE: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.


Genre: Contemporary

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