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Gratitude in Motion: December and Goodbye 2013…

I had this planned for the last day of December, but due to unforeseen technical problems, you now have the final post on January 1st instead. Everyday I write four grateful moments and wrap it up at the end of the month. It truly is amazing how good life truly is when we pause, reflect, and realize the abundance we own even in times when we struggle financially.

Thank you for BIG and little things, fun and painful events and 

4.[…empty spaces]

– small talks with friends – Waka poetry – eating utensils, especially forks – glass – bumping into friends when running errands  – full day of doing many things – tripod head stand – plastic sandwich bags – the color red – jigsaw puzzles – comedians… 

painting, Japanese woman, chopstick, gratitude, December 2013

Gratitude in Motion: alternative eating utensil…the chopstick.

– nightlight with wax scented air freshener – laughing so hard tears fall and belly aches!!– privately run animal shelters. 

Thank you for spiritual, mentally and physical nourishment…

– gala apples – leftover turkey meals – spiritual uplifting words – homemade chicken soup – smoked salmon – pasta and more pasta dinners…

Haiku Mind: 108 Poems, gratitude, December 2013, book

Gratitude in Motion: – “Haiku Mind” by Patricia Donegan

– wonderful illustrated children’s picture books – sweet grapefruit – hot cocoa with whipped cream…

Dalai Lama’s wisdom words: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

– salami – hot cider – rotisserie chicken – eggnog – Tabasco sauce – leftover turkey sandwiches – pastrami sub sandwich – not burning the popcorn.

Thank you for creature comforts that pamper and spoil…

a warm home – layers of warm clothing to wear – winter boots – oil heaters – lemon zest body lotion – warm fuzzy blankets – wool socks – fireplace – flannel sheets and pillowcases – classic movie night with Clint Eastwood: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– fabric softener to minimize static electricity out of clothing – closet full of clothes – thick carpet flooring – Burt’s Bees lip balm – fur boots

Thank you for Christmas season…

– live nativity scenes – hearing the sound of first snow falling – snow play – snowball fights – angel role in Christmas play –  melting snow

enough snow to make little snowmen – being snowed in at home

dashing through the snow…

– Christmas tree displays – Salvation Army bell ringing donation collectors – bright starlight on Christmas tree

– the house cat who now thinks she must sleep under the Christmas tree

– icicles

– AFrankAngle’s tee-shirt gift & weekend party ☺On the AFA Holiday Gift Party!!!!!!

– family and friends get together – warmer temperatures melting ice from trees and power lines – sunny Christmas Eve – glittery pine cones – colorful sock collection gift – sugar cookies!! – singing Christmas carols with friends – Monopoly game night

– icicles finally melted away – handmade knitted scarves – new year’s eve – taking in the last of the Christmas lights and decorations

And, when is the right time to dismantle all the Christmas lights and decorations? Day after New Year’s day…after Ephiphany? Or just leave it up till next year?? Any advice? 

THANK YOU to my Chuckles, blog dog who takes time out of his busy days to write on awards but mainly focuses on posing for photo shoots, eating and snoozing…

gratitude in motion, december 2013, Chuckles, blog dog, awards

Chuckles: “Er, no…do not ask me to take a bath again. It simply ruins my photo shots!!”

Finally, to some wonderful friends, Little Binky and her Granny, they delivered the Best news of the year 2013…. in a row | angelswhisper2011.

thank you Little Binky and Granny!

And we were Nominated For Awards (the Inner Peace award and WordPress Family award) by Miss Spicy Hat n’ Sugar Socks from KitchenSmitten. Both images are already in our Razzle-Dazzle Awards page so no need to post again. Thank you, Miss Ayesha, and…

another thanks to YOU all, my blog friends,

for a really FAB 2013!

Love and ☼HUGS


Guest Writer: Chuckles on Loyalty, Liebster and Very Inspiring Mentions…

Hello Everyone,
As you know, on occasion, my good fur-buddy, Chuckles, comes around to help say thank you to the blog friends who took a good chunk of their precious time to write-up an award or tag game post.

During the summer months, with the intense heat, Chuckles, sorry to say, becomes irresponsible in his writing duties. Not to worry though, I usually send my secret snitch, Mr. Rooster to badger the old boy to get the beep up!


A snitch at work…shh!

Here, finally, the Simply Charming thank-you post, paw-typed by Chuckles, (he looks filthy dirty because he really is!) to our thoughtful friends:

Dear Blog Humans and Blog Animals,
I am awake and yes, dirty only because someone, I will not tell you who, refuses to let me inside the air-conditioned house.

What else am I to do? I have to make the dirt my natural cooling agent.

Let me make this quick since I am perspiring and panting and must go lay down soon. I learned me some haiku while dozing in the heat…

Three mentions given
Hugs and kisses sent their way
Please visit them soon

Angelswhisper and Little Binky : a WONDERFUL post, full of kind words and the Loyal Reader Award.

Little Binky (shhh, do not tell my other feline girlfriends) is my number one kitty love of all times.


loyal reader award

Big thanks to our sweet friends from Granny and Little Binky

Now that my dog heart is pounding like crazy in love, let me say thank you to:  Johann is Thinking | Liebster Blog Award.

Johann blogs from the United States, a retired teacher who, at one time, taught with the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa.

COOL huh?

thank YOU, Johann!

Wait, one more award and we can all go and take our naps…Maria’s RandomlyAbstract kindly brought us the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Please visit our Awards page for more details on this award.

That is it…signing off dear friends in deep gratitude…many thanks!

Your adorable blog dog,

Chuckles…a.k.a guest blog dog writer.

Totally Grateful For All The Flowers!

I am happy, you happy?

Come on, “The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit,” so writes Thomas Malory.

In case you do not know, my name is Chuckles, aka blog award writer extraordinaire.

Do you dig my new spring look?

I feel so flowery and photo shopped to death.

But wait, flowers reminds me of blog awards.

It is time.

Chuckles on Gratitude

Listen, I have three, no, four life goals. Eat, sleep, bark and write well.

Eating, sleeping and barking all night is my forte. Writing? Eh. I need to practice so, unbelievably, I write thank-you posts for any awards that come this way.

Since I do not, and will not ever attend a dog obedience class, I feel rules need to be revised and updated. 🙂 Blog awards are no exceptions and the MAIN rule one should NEVER tamper with is GRATITUDE. SO,

Thank Y♥U: …freelance WRITER, POET, Fiber Artist/Teacher & totally in L♥ve with GODMartha Shaw…her blessings include:

& Super Sweet Award

Thank Y♥U:…Author, MOTHER OF SIX!, Historical Re-enactorEllyn Baker…her blessings:

Thank Y♥U:…Little Binky my bestest feline blog friend ever and her GrannyAngelswhisper2011 & Little ♥ Binky…bring new blessings:

If you need to follow Best Moment Award rules, go ahead…

  • Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech.
  • This could be written or video recorded.
  • Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees!
  • The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners tell them the great news.

Thank Y♥U:…Tragedy & heartache for this writer, Becki Duckworth, but blessings pour forth both from Becki and Angelswhisper with:

The WordPress Family Award rules are as follows:

  • Display the award logo
  •  Link back to the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love. 
  • Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

* * *

If you would like to take these blog awards over to your blog space, please, feel free & share in your own creative way–our apologies to the creators of these blog awards for the remix. 😐

Once again, Thank Y♥U to the blog friends who recently shared their blog award love…you bring beautiful fragrant spring blossoms this way!!


Full of Springtime Gratitude

One of the joys that come with blogging is the opportunity to say thank you to blog friends that kindly bring gifts and fun games as a way to show their appreciation to your blog site.

Chuckles, Simply Charming’s blog dog writer, makes a special effort to get his big dog self up and give a note of thanks for the special awards and tag games that come this way. Well, sometimes he gets up…sometimes he prefers lounging about and yawning…hope you do not mind. Here he is…

Hey. It’s me. Chuckles. You see, I am slowly getting ready for spring season. Got my new sunglasses…you like it?Chuckles, blog dog

Okay. Now, business. First, the Illuminating Blogger Award from two beauties…

thank you, Sophia and KZ

thank you, Sophia and KZ!!

♥ Sofia Siberia*: A very busy “writer, psychic, energy healer,” Sofia shares her insights “on love, relationships, mysticism, well-being, holistic healing, esoteric and… enlightened living.”   WOW!  Read about her latest adventure…Body and Mind Well-Being: My Initiation into Natural Healing. Thank you, Sofia!

KZ: A self-proclaimed, eclectic, Blog Bling!* eccentric shopaholic and one hell of a writer/blogger. This is a fine haiku. I maybe a ram reborn…check it! Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 92 Thank you, KZ!

Next, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from another beauty and wise one…

thank you, Seeker!

thank you, Seeker!

The Seeker*: The Seeker seeks. Her words…”i seek everything. you hide & i will seek…from faith, hope, charity…Abba 2 Zen…Here 2 Now…reality 2 Divine…endless! And her Party Time! feast after 40 days of fasting!

Finally, a tag game and the Super Sweet Award

thank you, Little Binky and Granny!

Angelswhisper2011: (home of Little Binky!)

you must meet Little Binky, my BFBF (best feline blog friend) and her Granny. Not only did they bring the best dessert Awards and Coffee Break*, Little Binky’s granny is super talented. Just check Granny’s Drawings if you do not believe me.

Confession: Anyone who follows my awesome blog dog writing abilities knows I also love remaking blog awards and tag game rules. Sorrrrry. Woof!

Before I get to the rehashed rules, my nominees come from my our recent subscribers that I we would like to thank with a GROUP*HUG!

♥ GlobalInfo4All| Inspired by the Story…Famous Dog…Hachiko
♥ MJPienaar| My Only Requirement
♥ Musings&Rants: Shazza says she will rant about “God, Life” …muse about, “Movies & other randomness.” Here she shares about My Prized Possession.

Now, Chuckles revised rules* for awards and tag game:

Answer the question listed below, nominate other blog friends (if you want) and post the award logo somewhere on your blog. Oh, and send a link to the nominees so they are aware you are giving them the award and/or tag game.

Here is your question nominees to get your awards:

Name the one thing you are grateful for today (excluding this tag game/blog award.)

As for me, Chuckles, I am grateful everyday when I hear success stories about my fellow animal friends being rescued and cared for…like Silly Sit Saturday friend over at Long Life Cats and Dogs.

*if anyone nominated want the full authentic rules version for each award/tag game, just visit the above award links with the little asterisk*

Well, good day to all and remember, Chuckles wise words for today…“In all things big, little, fat (like me) beautiful, ugly… be full of thanksgiving.” Woof!

January 2013: Festive Pooch Gives Gratitude


I am Chuckles!

Yah… bet you are wondering what this big fat dog is doing in this picture.

Well, for the new readers, I am Chuckles–a.k.a farm blog dog/writer.

Here I am, posing in my latest fashion look…I call it Festive Pooch 2013…

Check it…

my new look for this year

Love it or hate it???

Hot diggity, if I am not like, LIKE…so festive and smart-looking! I feel hot, smart and spicy right down to my Great Pyrenees digging claws!

Okay, okay. Calm down, people. Important business talk, that is, blog awards…and, DO NOT BLAME Chuckles for this gross negligence with awards sitting in the draft room from, *gasp* 2012!!

(Psst, hey, listen…friend, could you help me, Chuckles, escape from this blog?)

Just between you and me, I have been in a slump lately. NO, not a Sophomore Slump, more like a lethargic mild depression. You see, I have a few awards to drop off and my list is small, just like me. 😉

Look, it would take a quick visit to my dog pals, Molly and German over at Philosopher of the Hedge, and Jangles from Long Life Cats & Dogs. Simple.

Wait. It appears Jangles from Long Life Cats & Dogs, a beauty of a cat, has run away. She lives in South Africa and if you happen to see Jangles, tell her to get her butt home to Susan,  A.S.A.P or else…I may have to run over there and drool on Jangles! It is a hideous habit but I cannot control my drool.

It just flows…especially while I eat…

dog with head down

you can’t see me drooling…nah-nah!!

Oh, too bad…caught me with my head down so…Really. Can we get serious here?

This is the BLOG AWARD list and a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to these super friends who were kind enough to bless Simply Charming abundantly!

1. 2012 Blog Award: Not too late…still January…and got all SIX stars!!!

blog of the year 2012 award

Blog of 2012 the Year Award

First up: Sophomore Slump and my thank you post: Chuckles, the Blog Dog…and the list below of other wonderful friends who helped complete my star collection.

2. UteSmile is about…well, lots of smiles and lots of happiness! She is “a single mum in her 50′s,” and is raising two teenagers! WOW, now that deserves an applause and a cheer! YAY, Ute!

Not only is Ute a great parent but she is full of talent! Read on her  Miracles, how she took an ordinary ball of string and made a beautiful scarf. Then, she took a box of assorted beads and created some awesome fashionable earrings! If you know anything about these teenie tiny beads, it is very difficult to work trying to loop those beads into pretty creations.

3. Nizy’s Life Compendium:  Nizy loves to meditate, talk, share…like blog awards…It’s Your Time to Shine…

She also says, “hold on to your faith…be strong as trees during changes…”    Changing Seasons

4. Imogen: Diary of a ‘Sensitive Soul’: Immie shares snippets of her life and a must-read about a painful time in her life. It deals with BULLIES!

You’re So Vain (…you probably think this song is about you) Really?

5. Martha L. Shaw:  Martha is…well, she is just talented! Not only does she write thoughtful posts like, Seeds, but whips up some grand quilts!! 

6. Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts: Marilyn is a sweetheart of a blogger, sharing her life stories and photos…such as Beyond!

* * * * * * * * * *

blog award

super sweet blog award

Gee, those cupcakes look delicious…anyway, here is Sofia Siberia, a beautiful blogger…describes herself as…”an empath and esoteric…sensitive to energies of people and earth.” Sofia not only writes passionately on her blog but also writes quality comments whenever she visits your site.

Hmm,  I wonder, if I give her a sad face like this…

sad dog

Is this sad enough, Sofia???

she would bake me some awesome cupcakes??

What? I have to answer some questions first? Dang, always a catch to every snack!!

Sofia asks:

1. Cookies or Cake? 2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

All the above!

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Sweet bread, but really, any treat is heaven to me.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? 

Grrr, never ask a dog that question…

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? 

Actually, some people call me, “Oh, You sweet thang…”

* * * * * * * * * *

blog award

Shine On Award

everyday gurus: What can anyone say? This is it, people.

You NEED a HUG…so, go get one from Kozo…GET A HUG NOW!

Not only {{{Hugs}}} but Kozo gifts with blog awards… Biggest Hypocrite Blogger Award.

* * * * * * *

Festive Pooch, signing off!

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far! Woof…proud of you…and even if your name did not get on today’s hit list…you know, eventually, I will find you. Oh, if I missed your award in my comment box…sorry. 😦 Please remind me again!!


Chuckles…a.k.a farm blog/writer dog.

Group Hug

Whenever something senseless and tragic happens like the recent Newtown school shooting, I cannot help but think; when did life become so complicated and ugly? Although I did not know any of the victims, their families or the shooter, like many of us, I felt as if a loved one had perished during this terrible ordeal.

I have to tell you, it has been difficult these last couple of days to find the inspiration to post while you know someone across the way is going through the ordeal of grieving and trying to understand exactly why this all had to happen.

With that thought in mind, I was happy when I found these words by Thornton Wilder that read:

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

If there is anything from the Newtown ordeal that stood out for me, it was learning not to take anyone for granted. After reading how many parents rushed to get their own children safely home to hug and cherish their treasures, I realized my own treasures not only with personal family and friends but also you guys, my companions on-line.

Today, I want to give a {{group hug}} to all of you, especially those who never fail to comment and those who generously awarded me recently with blog awards. You all make my days awfully sweet!!

My Top 6 Commenters:

I hope you read this post Tears and Tragedy Days Before Christmas because not only does Island T. share his heart thoughts on Newtown, but the “merciless typhoon Bopha [that] hit Davao Oriental, New Bataan and surrounding communities in the Philippines” several days ago.

My Recent Awards

Group Hug - II

Group Hug– Photo credit: pushthisbutton

I would like to honor each of these award gifts separately but my talents only go so far and it would take me too long to attempt such a feat. Please visit and give some {{hugs}} to these wonderful friends. Life is too short to wait so let us encourage one another in appreciation.

Thank YOU for all these awards! I am so grateful and honored. I apologize for breaking all the rules for each award. *eep*

* * * *

Curtain Call: Featured Blog…

Munchow’s Creative Photo Blog: If you ever desire to learn more about creativity and photography, you need Otto. His passions are to “teach photography and particularly workshops dealing with creativity and expansion of one’s creative approach.”

Currently he is featuring until the end of 2012, a special offer. If you submit your favorite photo blog links to his page: Best Photo Blogs and there are no limits to the number of links, you could if your entry wins, receive a cool screen saver! Yay!

Finally, do not leave without checking the latest from Otto: Instagram My Backyard! Maybe we should ask if we can have a BBQ soon…just kidding, Otto. 🙂

Next up, Blogger of the Year 2012 wrap up.