The New Morning

It has been awhile since my last Tan Renga and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is hosting a challenge until January 31st, so let me add one to the list.

Remember the Tan Renga includes two writers, in this case, *Chevrefeuille’s haiku followed by my two, seven-syllable stanza to make the Tan Renga complete. 

flight of the eagle
stepping into the world of dreams –
a silent cry *

from high in the treetop nest…
the new morning sunrise guest

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Gratitude in Motion: December and Goodbye 2013…

I had this planned for the last day of December, but due to unforeseen technical problems, you now have the final post on January 1st instead. Everyday I write four grateful moments and wrap it up at the end of the month. It truly is amazing how good life truly is when we pause, reflect, and realize the abundance we own even in times when we struggle financially.

Thank you for BIG and little things, fun and painful events and 

4.[…empty spaces]

– small talks with friends – Waka poetry – eating utensils, especially forks – glass – bumping into friends when running errands  – full day of doing many things – tripod head stand – plastic sandwich bags – the color red – jigsaw puzzles – comedians… 

painting, Japanese woman, chopstick, gratitude, December 2013

Gratitude in Motion: alternative eating utensil…the chopstick.

– nightlight with wax scented air freshener – laughing so hard tears fall and belly aches!!– privately run animal shelters. 

Thank you for spiritual, mentally and physical nourishment…

– gala apples – leftover turkey meals – spiritual uplifting words – homemade chicken soup – smoked salmon – pasta and more pasta dinners…

Haiku Mind: 108 Poems, gratitude, December 2013, book

Gratitude in Motion: – “Haiku Mind” by Patricia Donegan

– wonderful illustrated children’s picture books – sweet grapefruit – hot cocoa with whipped cream…

Dalai Lama’s wisdom words: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

– salami – hot cider – rotisserie chicken – eggnog – Tabasco sauce – leftover turkey sandwiches – pastrami sub sandwich – not burning the popcorn.

Thank you for creature comforts that pamper and spoil…

a warm home – layers of warm clothing to wear – winter boots – oil heaters – lemon zest body lotion – warm fuzzy blankets – wool socks – fireplace – flannel sheets and pillowcases – classic movie night with Clint Eastwood: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– fabric softener to minimize static electricity out of clothing – closet full of clothes – thick carpet flooring – Burt’s Bees lip balm – fur boots

Thank you for Christmas season…

– live nativity scenes – hearing the sound of first snow falling – snow play – snowball fights – angel role in Christmas play –  melting snow

enough snow to make little snowmen – being snowed in at home

dashing through the snow…

– Christmas tree displays – Salvation Army bell ringing donation collectors – bright starlight on Christmas tree

– the house cat who now thinks she must sleep under the Christmas tree

– icicles

– AFrankAngle’s tee-shirt gift & weekend party ☺On the AFA Holiday Gift Party!!!!!!

– family and friends get together – warmer temperatures melting ice from trees and power lines – sunny Christmas Eve – glittery pine cones – colorful sock collection gift – sugar cookies!! – singing Christmas carols with friends – Monopoly game night

– icicles finally melted away – handmade knitted scarves – new year’s eve – taking in the last of the Christmas lights and decorations

And, when is the right time to dismantle all the Christmas lights and decorations? Day after New Year’s day…after Ephiphany? Or just leave it up till next year?? Any advice? 

THANK YOU to my Chuckles, blog dog who takes time out of his busy days to write on awards but mainly focuses on posing for photo shoots, eating and snoozing…

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Chuckles: “Er, no…do not ask me to take a bath again. It simply ruins my photo shots!!”

Finally, to some wonderful friends, Little Binky and her Granny, they delivered the Best news of the year 2013…. in a row | angelswhisper2011.

thank you Little Binky and Granny!

And we were Nominated For Awards (the Inner Peace award and WordPress Family award) by Miss Spicy Hat n’ Sugar Socks from KitchenSmitten. Both images are already in our Razzle-Dazzle Awards page so no need to post again. Thank you, Miss Ayesha, and…

another thanks to YOU all, my blog friends,

for a really FAB 2013!

Love and ☼HUGS


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

The is joy:

a little bit of haiku…

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…and some beautiful horses standing around not minding the cold winter day.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy.

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Broken Tradition

“There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” – Erma Bombeck

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Mother was never big on holidays or any type of celebrations, really. I remember one Christmas she actually put up a tree display. Her holiday version, a small bare branch from an unspecified tree. On the thrift shop black wooden four-drawer hall table, simplicity stuck firmly in a metal, two-pound ground coffee can. Year after year, the plain branch became beautiful.

My sister and I carefully hang homemade ornaments.

scissors and glue
and cut out paper snowflakes
glitter magic

With sand, a few stabilizing rocks, it became the only Christmas tree I can ever remember. It was not that we were financially poor. My father was a good provider. There must have been other years we had real Christmas trees with every red, gold and silver ornament embracing the branches but only one remains fondly in my memory – the little branch tree. It makes me smile.

breeze of yesterday
jostle the evergreen tree
a broken tradition

— — —

Inspiration from Managua Gunn’s Cabin Fever – LĪGO HAĪBUN quotation prompt challenge. Photo source:

Enjoy a few more quotation prompt Ligo Haibun:

♥ Ligo Haibun Challenge: Christmas (

♥ An unconventional Christmas (

Christmas Tree

I have some news and a haiku…

one of my first supporters
deeply grateful

Jake is the host for Sunday Post and recently emerged with this week’s  theme:


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“Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. “

 – Larry Wilde, The Merry Book of Christmas


— — —

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Endless Music

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the moon is rising
the silvery waves resonate
in tune with my heart*

that longs to collaborate
in endless musical scores

— — —

Style & Inspiration: Tan Renga, a Japanese poetry form where two collaborate to complete a haiku followed by my two seven syllable line. Today’s feature haiku writer, *Chèvrefeuille from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.