Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

A haiku to bring in the first 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge

new beginnings
stray dog quietly watches
brand new horizons

stray dog

Happy new beginnings to you!

Cutest Kitten Needs YOUR HELP!!

Cutest Kitten Needs YOUR HELP!!

Please, if you can help little Pixels. She is entering to help the Animal Welfare Shelter kittens.

Pixels, rescued by Long Life Cats & Dogs (NPC) after she was hit by a car at only a few weeks of age.

 Pixel hopes to win the prize: Kitten food to pay it forward and give the food to animal rescue shelters.

Please help by voting for Pixels today and know you are assisting rescued animals through the gift of food.

Vote here: Royal Canin| Cutest Kitten Photo Contest


Pixel’s Meows For Help

♥ ♥ ♥

Will you vote for Pixel today and spread the word to all your friends? 

Thank you!

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The Lettuce… An Edible Foliage??


A head of fresh, crisp lettuce leaves…oh, I know, lettuce, not really thought of as traditional foliage but a cluster of leaves, nevertheless…

lettuce, head, green, vegetable, leaves, salad, fresh, annual, crisp

Leaf Peeking: Edible foliage? Salad anyone??

…fresh green cluster of lettuce leaves just a waiting to nourish the next diner with a great source of Vitamin A and potassium…

The lettuce, an annual plant and grown as a leaf vegetable as far back as 2680 BC by ancient Egyptians, soon spread over to Greece and Rome. These ancient cultures believed the lettuce promoted love and childbearing in women.

In addition, Hildegard of Bingen, in her medicinal herb papers, mentioned the healing properties of the leafy lettuce.

Finally, some find snacking on a leafy lettuce leaf prior to bedtime the ideal nightcap…

cat, lettuce, nightcap, feline, snack, iceberg

Leaf Peeking Eating: Yum, nothing like fresh leafy foliage before bedtime…

As you can see my choice of foliage is way off and technically not correct but I just could not resist showing you my kitty eating her lettuce leaf. Her favorite is the Red lettuce but unfortunately, only the Iceberg lettuce was on sale this week…haha!

So, what is your favorite type of  lettuce?

* * *

Join up with Ailsa every week as she hosts the Travel theme: This week’s theme is Foliage.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

cat, feline, postaday,wrong,photograph,

The only thing WRONG is, I should be in the house!

If you let me in, I promise never to do wrong.
No wrong done to your new couch– oh, what is a few designer scratch marks and upholstery rips, just think, it makes your new couch all so unique; cat scratched and delightfully vintage.
I will never shed any fur or allow my good friends, the ticks and fleas, to cohabit with me.

If you let me in, I pledge never, ever to cough up a single, nasty hairball.
In fact, the idea of doing wrong does not exist in my sweet kitty mind.
So, I am the kitty you must let in, because your life is nothing without me.
Trust me when I say, you cannot go wrong if you let me in today!

What do you say? Yes, no, maybe so??

Come and join the community of Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong.

Five Minute Friday: Connect–Energetic Toddlers!


On some days, when morning comes, you have no energy to connect. It feels so good to bury down deep and rest the weary head.

sleep, cat, feline, 5 minute Friday, connect

But, I do not want to connect…not yet…five more minutes…please??

Writing in this moment to connect in quick challenges is my way to somehow roll out of the slumber I long to hold onto because, well, not getting up, shoot, feels so damn good!

How does one connect with the electrified energy from a roomful of exuberant children, no older than two and three years of age, with nothing on their minds except their expansive imagination and silly little games?

Energetic Child: “Look how high I can jump to the sun!”
Day Care Attendant: zzz… oh, uh, yea, i see…zzz…

We need to ‘get quenched’ in this magical world, to be connected with our imagination, where someone can be the handsome prince and another, a beautiful princess. Perhaps, together, we can connect with the needy of this world, and share the wealth of our kingdom, as only true royalty would.

Energetic toddlers, for me, quench my desires to connect with writing from the imagination. Stop.

What quenches your desire to connect?

Why not connect with the community of energetic 5-minute Friday contributors hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker – tales from a Gypsy Mama, and enjoy a quick jump-start into the weekend!

OH, Drats! This Summer HEAT WAVE took my Foxy Roxy!!

“Heartbreak is LIFE educating us.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Roxy,hen,poultry,death,heat wave,daily post 2012,farm,nature,backyard hen,grief

Roxy, before her egg laying days…

Roxy lost her life yesterday. She was a foxy feathered friend who gave an egg a day, kept the bug population under control and was a constant companion to our one rooster. The cause of her death is unknown and being a very young chicken, age was not a factor. I suspect the extreme heat wave lingering over this land (with day temperatures brewing in the triple digits) may have been a factor. It is difficult to keep outside animals from heat related injuries and fatal mishaps during extreme heat temperatures. A regular, fine mist, water sprinkler throughout the day, I guess, was not enough to keep Roxy cooled down. I just do not know.

It was a sad day anyway, especially for her rooster companion. I also found myself tearing up just the thought of Roxy passing without anyone outside to help her.

I know Roxy was just a hen, and around here, hens are easy to come by, but somehow, have you noticed when you give a name to anything, it seems like the named item becomes the Velcro that sticks itself to your heart? Maybe next time I will cautiously give a name to anything that may strongly attach to my heart. Away with you, Velcro! Arrgh.

Grief is so painfully real, regardless of its origin. The love of, and attachment to, an animal friend can equal that of human relationships. Likewise, the loss of an animal can be just as devastating.” ~Rev. Joel L. Morgan


Have you ever named something and later found your heart grieving when their final time came sooner than expected?

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