Hot Summer, Think Camel

Summer temperatures soaring
and a huge avalanche
of sweat
rains down,
down over my largest human integumentary organ,
my skin,
it’s drenched.

Fanning away the passionate embrace
of this current heat wave,
the camel,
the mammal,
comes to mind.




There are the one-hump Dromedary camels,
the two-humped Asian or Bactrian camels
and a famous brand, the Camel cigarettes.

I rather like the Dromedary camel myself,
marveling at these
social mammals the camels,
who live in groups called flocks,
a caravan,
a train
or a herd . . .
in the hot desert, yes,
also in zoos!

The filtered and unfiltered, Camels,
they live in small packs. Ha!

Camel cigarettes, camel, mammals, desert, summer heat

Photo source: Wikimedia Common, artist Indiana jo

Common camel greeting,
when they meet,
— involves blowing in each other’s faces

Camel, Dubai Hello you.

I said HELLO!!

And when aggravated,
or scared,
the camel will spit!
Sure, why not, yes?
Spit, it’s always handy so,
please, camel, cough up some stomach content,
mix in some spit and fire away.

That should teach opponents
not to mess with the camels.

Camel Drinking Water in the Desert

One last note:
camels eat cardboard

Blogger Milukiriu captured this odd phenomenon
on video. Check it:

“If you love, love the moon; if you steal, steal a camel.” – Egyptian Proverb


~ Inspiration source: Wahiba Sands, Oman @

~ Photo sources: 1. Bedouin kissing camel,  Flickr, artist, Vitch; 2. Young camel drinking bottled water close to Red Sea, Flickr, artist, Alexander Witt 3. Close-up camel face, Flickr, artist, Andy Hayes



10 thoughts on “Hot Summer, Think Camel

  1. Milu says:

    Thank you for sharing my video, Sun! I also heard they spit. But, camels in that camp are tame. I was able to hand cardboard to them. But, still scary and I couldn’t help but stepping back, when they face me. By the way, the first paragraph expresses my Oman experience well. I love your poetic expression.

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  2. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Camels are summer! (not the smokey kinds although there are those around in the woods, too as shown by wild fires)
    Camels have simple figured out. (They have the coolest feet…well, maybe not cool in the desert sands which have been call an ocean, but toes…some are bound to want color coordinated nail polish to match their harnesses. Yes, it’s true. They can be vain…seen those eyelashes?)
    Cheers for camels!

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    • Sun says:

      i bet those camels are equipped with special kind of feet to endure all that desert heat…and love those eyelashes!!! you always bring the coolest comments, Philmouse. 🙂 thanks!

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