Lately, thoughts of Bliss
been messing with me
it’s making me curious and
making me wonder.
So, i’m starting with the dictionary 
on Bliss:
– One, complete happiness: perfect happiness
– Two, spiritual joy: a state of spiritual joy . . .

Well, if bliss were attainable,
in this lifetime,
I sure hope Bliss finds me

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Photo credit: Pink Sherbert Photography, D Sharon Pruitt

15 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Hello! Hello! Hello! Happy tales.We’re burrowed in with survival mode with temps close to 100 expected all week. (UGH) Having to pull Molly off the couch under the fan and force her outside several times a day…she keeps saying she’s hibernating. The German is arriving for a couple of days sleepover…they will have to run outside – just not enough room in the house…so it’ll be hot smelly dogs lounging around between burst of manic energy. Hope you are doing well if not totally blissfully….won’t bliss here until about Oct and cooler weather. Sigh. 🙂

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    • Sun says:

      Molly, smart gal hibernating on the couch…must be a cool leather couch 🙂
      oh, the German. hope there is room on that couch for the two of them since i’m sensing they both would want to have a blissful time on cool couches with fans blowing. 🙂 and, yes, Mother Nature, please send in some cold breezes since it would be nice to feel no sweating for a couple hours a day at least…cheers to the Phil mouse crew!

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  2. Alison and Don says:

    It’s lovely to have you back, and your beautiful bliss poem too. Bliss seems to find me from time to time, and then goes again: a game of hide-and-seek that reveals itself more and more as a choice. It’s not capricious, but I am sometimes 🙂
    Alison xox

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    • Sun says:

      a game of hide-and-seek, i like your viewpoint…it makes it seem like a great challenge to play and have fun with at the same time. thanks, Alison!!

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  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your positive presence. Regarding bliss – although it’s at the top of the pyramid, in daily life, bliss comes in moments – some expected, others unexpected – some obvious, but other subtle. So one must identify them before catching … and catching before embracing … and embracing before understanding it’s impact. 🙂 … Yep – you’re visit gave me one of those simple moments.


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