Here We Go. Again.

Okay, so it is time for Chuck, my over-sized dog, and I to play virtual tourist. Again.

Great Pyrenees, Chuck blog dog, canine,

Old picture of Chuck because, well, I’m too lazy to load a new one. 😆

Right now Chuck is sleeping the evening away . . . anyway, our last state tour was Alaska right after the Alabama visit.

Can you guess the next state?

“Tell me, NOW! What state are we going to next?!?”

Hint: Some say the Sunsets are just gorgeous as the sunlight filters through particles of air against the backdrop of mountain ranges and it gets way HOT, especially in the southwestern part of the state during summertime.

You can experience extensive and very beautiful canyons . . .

Here, another trivia hint:

The fast food chain, McDonald’s, got its start back in 1953 with the convenient drive through established in 1975.

Last hint:

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

 You know it!

Time to get Arizona bound!

Arizona minutiae that you probably already know but I’ll throw it out there anyway. 🙂

Arizona, also known as the 48th and Grand Canyon State is the home for the Apache trout, the state fish.

Cute, huh?

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Naturally, the official state reptile, the venomous, but rather shy, Ridge-nosed rattlesnake, can be found across Arizona. Favorite hiding spots: wooded forest areas with lots of leafy debris that offer great camouflage. Due to human activities that encroach on their habitat, Arizona laws provide special protection to keep the rattlesnake species from dwindling into extinction.

“Please, do not mess with my home!!”

Arizona, with the capital city being, Phoenix, is the only state with an official neckwear, the Bola Tie.

The official state flower blooms beautifully on the largest American cactus, the Saguaro cactus.

Pretty, yes?

Saguaro cactus blooms so gorgeously.

Finally, for avid readers, Rosemary Washington has a cool blog project called Armchair America Through Books. I love how she focuses not only on adult fiction, but reviews non-fiction and children books related to each state. Rosemary also features vintage state postcards!

Oh, this weather reporter from Arizona – just too funny!! 😆

So, is there anything else one should absolutely know about the state of Arizona?

Until next time, cheers!





26 thoughts on “Here We Go. Again.

    • Sun says:

      Little Binky, it’s me, Chuck. wha??!? wakey up? you wakey up. Granny said you were too tired and sleepy from your full moon excursion. you would love to eat hang out with that catfish i bet. you better bring a portable air conditioner as they say it gets hot in Arizona. ruffHugs!

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  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Official neckware? … OK … that’s a new one, but it’s not surprising. Off the top of my head, I’m having a hard time recalling a blogger in Arizona to recognize.

    I’ve been there several times. The drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff to be interesting. We enjoyed Flagstaff and Sedona! .. of course the Grand Canyon is awesome. It’s one big ditch that doesn’t move. 😉


    • Sun says:

      too funny, Frank…”one big ditch that doesn’t move…” never thought of the Grand Canyon like that before. one day, i hope to see the majestic ditch. 🙂


  2. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    There’s some very controversial proposals about a proposed development for the Grand Canyon including a long tram down with gift shops, ampitheater, glass bottomed walk ways, and restaurants…and of course rest rooms. Certainly would change things.
    Hey, Chuck – Molly is begging for us to buy a big motor home like she saw on TV so she can go everywhere with us – in cool comfort. She’d want to invite you along – windows to share…now if staff would only buy one, it would be great fun.
    Enjoyed traveling along today

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    • Sun says:

      now that you mention it, i remember reading or perhaps on a NPR series about the proposed changes over in the Grand Canyon. i think some of the American Indians who reside in that area are divided on the proposal. the elders want to keep the area natural but younger ones feel change is good…provide extra income etc.
      Chuck has a message to Molly: “Molly, I be ready anytime you want to go cruising in that BIG motor home. Don’t worry about blankets to stay warm. They don’t call me fur-ball for nothing!” Ruff-ruff!!!


  3. rommel says:

    Easy guess. 😉 Especially with that sign. 😀 Arizona is one of the states that I could’ve easily gone to but didn’t. Grrr me. Maybe next time I have the chance. Are those actually cactus or more of a flower?


    • Sun says:

      i’m a thinkin’ Rommel will make his way to Arizona when the time is just right 🙂 and that would be the giant Saguaro cactus. grows up to 40-50 feet & can live up to 200 years, so they say.


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