Hey Now. Chuck Thinks Alaska.

Time to leave Alabama, hop over to Alaska, also known as the Last Frontier, and visit the next American state on my virtual blog tour.

My thoughts about Alaska? It’s very cold and supposedly very short daylight hours. The capital city is (I know, I know), Juneau.

Juneau 05

photo source: Flickr, Dale Musselman – Juneau Morning 05

Hey now, since my dog Chuck thrives better with frosty temperatures, I bet his doggy bucket list would probably list as follows — but only if he could get his hefty self over to Alaska. 😆

Chuck's Bucket List

Chuck’s first 2015 selfie

 Chuck’s 2015 Alaskan Bucket List:

BL #1 Meet up with some sled dogs like Jack.

BL #2 Use his wit and charm to convince polar bears to come out and play with him and hey, he’s thinking there may be a small possible link between the Great Pyrenees dog breed to the big polar bears . . .

Alan D. Wilson

Photo source: Wikimedia Common — Alan D. Wilson, photographer

They kinda look similar in size and color, no?

Chuck Walks

Chuck on guard duty while he dreams of . . .

Bucket List #3: Have a supersize serving of Ken’s Moose Stew!!

Ken's moose stew, recipe, Alaska

Photo credit: American Food Roots

Enough on Chuck’s list . . . so, while cruising through WordPress bloggers, I found a young lady, Soda, over at The Part Time Traveler and her recent visit to Chena Hot Springs Resort. She highly recommends a visit but warns that one will have to live without internet and shopping while enjoying the hot springs, ice bar and the viewing of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Hey, who needs wi-fi when you can enjoy an Alaskan nature show!

I just love her idea to see the world “one step at a time!”

Say, how about we head over to swim in the outdoor heated pool

Rock Pool – Photo source: Wikimedia Common

then visit the ice bar for an “appletini,” a specialty drink served in an ice carved martini glass!

I simply had to borrow the charming photo Soda took of the martini glass: 🙂

“Appletini”- Photo credit: The Part Time Traveler

See more of Soda’s exciting trip here –> Paint the Sky Green 🙂

So, Chuck and I want to know how you like Alaska so far? 😛

Hey now, until next time, cheers!

23 thoughts on “Hey Now. Chuck Thinks Alaska.

  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Oh Chuck..you are moving…I mean travelling. So good to see you my furriend. You look pawsome and I like your Selfie boy. I loved the tour and Alaska…from out of my warm window sill as a matter of fact… but it’s a lovely country. Thanks for the niptini my furriend and some Warm Pawkisses for the Weekend 🙂 ❤


    • Sun says:

      Chuck: hey, Little Binky, glad you liked the “niptini” 😛 hope your dark days over there are moving on and giving you more sunny days. next time have some moose stew with me. 🙂

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  2. Sonel says:

    It’s always great to see the charming Chuck! He is so adorable and gorgeous! I am sure the Polar bears would love to play with him and of course, those sled dogs would be very jealous of him as well. Chuck is so strong, he will pull the sled all on his own. 😀

    I would love to live in Alaska as well – or at least that is how I feel when it’s so hot here. Tell Chuck I will come and pick him up on my way there. 😆

    Now that looks like lots of fun and yes, who cares about internet and phones, etc. when you can relax like that and that martini looks delicious. 😀

    Thanks for sharing Sun. Have a great Sunday and ♥ Lots of Hugs ♥ to you and Chuck. ❤


    • Sun says:

      ah, so you have moose there in Sweden . . . my doggy would love any meat dish served up and now that you say it’s delicious, i’m going to make sure to be on a look out for moose meat.


  3. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Chuck, Molly loved this post! She wants to go with you. Obviously she will pull the sled while you watch for polar bears. (But although she must be closely related to some of those sled dogs who look exactly like her, Molly turns her nose up at living chained to a box. She didn’t enjoy that and chewed her way to freedom.) Couches are preferred dog sleeping arrangements, silly people!
    I have a friend who grew up in Alaska. She ice skated to school each day. It is weird how the climate by the coast is more mild – who would expect that?
    Paw waves!

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    • Sun says:

      i just learned from FrankAngle about the rain forest region in Alaska…who knew?!? 150+ inches per year of rain! oh, my!! Molly and even German could handle the snowy weather with their thick winter coats on. Chuck has his hobo doggy bag ready so anytime, Molly and German. 😆


    • Sun says:

      now reindeer sausage sounds like a rare treat & salmon, always tasty any way prepared. a blessing to have your brother share some of Alaska’s local cuisine! 🙂


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