Saying Yes! to Less in 2015

Meet rosemary, the best evergreen shrub for those not so gifted with growing plants of any kind.


I went to the front yard, snipped a healthy handful of stems from the perennial rosemary bush, stuck them in water to keep it fresh until it was time to cook dinner and guess what?

The bunch that got away from the baked rosemary chicken dish eventually propagated.

Vase full of Rosemary

So delightful when plants thrive without being so needy which puts the rosemary and, why not throw in the no-nonsense, cactus, great plants for the lame gardener like myself. 🙂


Well, hey now, off subject, day two of the New Year, 2015.

Happy New Year!!

Of course, uh, must not forget…my New Year’s intention:

To think less throw aways, or basically finding ways to reuse waste that normally gets tossed into the trash without a second thought.

I am so guilty.

Look at all the stuff that normally gets the boot to the trashcan!

So Much Waste!

Time to give less to the wastebasket and give more useful life to the throw aways.

A second chance.

This week, I hope to freshen up those discarded food tin cans with some old spray paint containers found hanging around doing nothing in the garage, then, with a little potting soil, plant those newly rooted rosemary stems.

In what creative ways do you manage reducing waste in your home?


22 thoughts on “Saying Yes! to Less in 2015

  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Happy New Year, dear Sun and Chuckles. The kids at school can use the egg-boxes and of the toiletpaper holders (the spool) can be used for serveral things at school. My baby-two-feet-sister made a bird feeder out of bird eats of it, but it was a nice try …MOL ..Anyway, good intentions for the new year. Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


    • Sun says:

      thank you Little Binky and Granny! maybe i’ll ask those school teachers in the community if they could use some of the stuff collected…great idea!! yea, i tried that toilet roll bird feeder but the birds thought it was a trap of some kind. finally the rain and wind busted it down. *sigh* i could have eaten that peanut butter!! ha-ha!! maybe one of these days Chuck can do a woof-paw post…he’s so lazy. 😆 cheers!!!

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  2. deannagreensandgardenart says:

    “Repurpose” is the word for my 2015 which sounds a whole lot similar to your word for 2015. I have reused jars for years. I use baby food jars for storing seeds from my herbs and flowers. I reuse jelly jars as juice glasses, if not making jelly. Applesauce jars hold sightseeing tinkets such as shells, rocks, and bottle caps reserved for making stepping stones for the gardens. Of course all the craze of Mason jars, my husband makes solar lanterns from our collection.


    • Sun says:

      the solar lanterns must be so pretty…i love your idea on saving trinkets for stepping stones in the garden. now i must find the inspiration to put the repurpose in all the stuff that is collecting in my box. ha-ha. 🙂

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  3. Cathy the Bagg Lady says:

    Well now if you can grow cactus then you must not be that lame! 😉 Do you know how hard it is to not overwater those silly ole things?

    I am a recycling fiend! My family gets so mad when I go behind them, move their deposits from trash to recycling. I tell them each and every time…you’d think they would learn. Now, i am beginning the composting…bet they don’t like that either. But too bad! Life must be sustainable.

    I am now following your blog. I love the posts I have seen and the laughter they bring. Chuck is a handsome dog. I wanted to reblog this post but for some reason I can’t figure out how on your site. Oh well, I would like permission to repost the Rosemary photo with the saying on it. May I? Also, are those your words on the photo?

    Ta ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


    • Sun says:

      you reminded me to link the source for the rosemary words, thanks, and it’s okay to re-post the photo, Cathy. i also enjoyed your blog, and love your name, the Bagg Lady. 🙂 the only thing about this recycling phase: trying to stay on top of it so it does not end up like a giant garbage pile. 😆 cheers!


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