It’s Only a Matter of Time

At first it appeared on outdoor inanimate objects. Specifically, beautifully designed statues found in botanical gardens across the United States.

“It’s a mysterious situation, Boss. We tried scraping, using lemon juice and the never-fail, bleach and water rinse, nothing. It resurfaces overnight totally disfiguring the statues in the process,” said the frustrated groundskeeper.

“Well, have the crew continue maintenance,” said the boss, “oh, and the bad news? Hospital emergency rooms are now seeing hundreds of new patients suffering the same mustard yellow fungal-like splotches with the black spores that emit a strong urine odor!”

“Uh, Boss, above your eyes, I see crusty spots.”

::: ::: :::

Inspiration: Friday Fictioneers with hostess, Rochelle Wiseoff-Offields. It’s a 100-word story based on the photograph chosen for each week’s challenge.

Photo Source: Claire Fuller

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30 thoughts on “It’s Only a Matter of Time

    • Sun says:

      oh, and Alistair, not only do we go out reeking stench but the word screams: UGLY. definitely best if the world ends. 😆


  1. tinkerbelle96 says:

    Oh dear, that’s gross…your writing style in this story reminds me much of James Herbert’s, and I really like it. Wonder what’s going to happen next to the boss and the rest of the town! 🙂


    • Sun says:

      so if you see or smell anything strange on your garden statues, LB, go find Granny right away to alert her! and don’t sniff the statues! 😛


    • Sun says:

      the quarantine unit, down the street half a block from here. 🙂 thanks for checking in on the situation, Patrick. 🙂


  2. patriciaruthsusan says:

    Sun, Good story. I’d hate to be in that hospital waiting room. 😦 It doesn’t sound fatal, just smelly and disfiguring. Maybe it’s an alien practical joke. Well written and humorous. 🙂 —Susan


  3. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Sun, Hi! I love your story and that’s what so splotches on my face are. Well, so be it. I guess we’ve been hit by a mysterious disease – Nasty! Oh well, Good job, as usual. Nan 🙂


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