Wind of Change

An uninvited warm wind stirs
the red dirt around my white leather
sandaled feet, it shimmers,
like the bronze on your highlighted cheekbones.

Alley Behind Our House

The best of friends, you and I,
our walks to school with only the blah-blah
on all those boys we wished would call
but only the Northern Mockingbirds back-chatted.

The country wind finally blew you
to the bedazzling stage lights in the big city,
traded over the star-filled country nights,
Did you forget, your mother’s birthday, yesterday?

She asked me if I heard from you
as I stood with nothing but a blank stare
before the nurse wheeled her away
down the long, dusty hall of her nursing home.

 ::: ::: :::

Inspiration: Day two, (yeah, yeah, don’t laugh 😆  so hard because I’m way behind) assignment from Writing 101: Blogging University June 2014.

Photo Source: Flickr via Kevo1221 “Alley Behind Our House”



14 thoughts on “Wind of Change

    • Sun says:

      just trying to (haphazardly, mind you) work through some of the writing 101 assignments. thanks for the encouraging comment. 🙂


  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    The opening was stunning – so real.
    You used so few words yet created this entire story with such gut wrenching feelings….but then again, that’s what really good writers, like you, do.
    Gold star and angels for this one ( It’s Ok to be tardy!)


    • Sun says:

      totally love your cheering section, Philomouse, and sending them to my draft box now. maybe they can get cheer another assignment out soon. 😆


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