A Small Hole

A perfect ground hole. Imagine that.

Who made this?

a small ground hole

A small mysterious hole, like those found on the beach shoreline, makes me want to drop little items down them just to see what happens.

Hmm, that cannot be a good thing to be proud of, but, I cannot resist.

Look, a small stone. Plop – into the hole.
Look, a small stick. Plop – into the hole.

Still nothing emerges.

Well then, why not use a longer stick to see how far this mysterious tunnel goes on for . . . It’s going down pretty deep and seems to curve to the left.

Aw, heck. Let me just stuff a bunch of sticks into it and just assume it’s an abandoned hole.

I return the next morning.

hole with sticks

Surprise! Something moved a few sticks out and pushed two larger ones to the side. Guess it was to heavy to heave out of the hole.

Wow! Suddenly there’s a . . . a huge dark grayish-black spider emerging!

It was pushing dirt out from the hole, but, naturally, when it spotted me it ran back down. It reappeared with a huge white sac. I have a video that shows the sac better but I don’t think it can upload here. (I tried, really).

spider in hole

Feeling bad that I caused some damage to the spider’s home, I finally removed all the sticks.

I watch and observe for a few minutes.

This spider, with a life lesson, tells me no matter how hard someone tries to destroy your life, you stay focused on your goals. Learn to adapt even if it means working extra hard to get around the obstacles placed in front of you.

Besides the stick invasion, the recent rainfall probably caused the spider extra problems living on ground, or rather below ground level, and no door to shut out the water. I wondered if it stayed down the hole or evacuated until the rainwater receded. Hmm . . .

And other spider thoughts came up – you know, the usual curious ones like what type of spider is this and is it poisonous?

I thought spiders lived only on spider webs; I guess this, however, likes underground living arrangement – just like a rabbit or gopher!

I wonder how intricate is the hole below and what would prey on these large spiders. In fact, what does it prey on? Beetles, ants?

Hopefully ticks and fleas. Always nice to get rid of those pests.

I’m going to observe it as long as I can. Maybe long enough to see baby spiders hatching. That would be cool.

It’s simply charming watching a spider working out its day.

Thanks for sharing some of your precious time here and have a happy writing week!  🙂


22 thoughts on “A Small Hole

  1. Gina says:

    Your adventure with the spider is a good lesson about perseverance and respect for others. I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing.


    • Sun says:

      i have to agree with you, Marilyn, spiders look so creepy especially the big ones. this spider’s home is just outside the door about five or six giant steps out. i just try to stay out of their way and think, okay, they eat other bugs, hopefully scorpions and the dratted ants that love to march in the house.

      happy you left a great comment before you skedaddled out of here. 🙂


  2. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Wow, that’s a huge, wise message that spider brought to you, Sunshine…I have to admit that he’s kind of huge himself. Is it playable? Pawkisses to Chuckles and big hug for you 🙂 Btw Granny loves your new wallpaper 🙂


    • Sun says:

      here’s the funny story, LB. the big spider was slowly making it’s way out the hole and Chuckles, the clumsy fella, ran over to check out if i was putting anything in his food bowl and literally stepped on the hole. the spider was quick to dive back down. whew. spider saved.
      ~thanks for the raves on the blog look. 🙂


    • Sun says:

      now that’s different . . . an owl that lives underground or does it just hide from predators there? personally i rather see an owl than a scary looking spider. just saying. 🙂


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