February Pilgrimage: Anrakuji Temple, Day 5

Walking on the Shinkoku 88 temple pilgrimage path, our guide, Chevrefeuille from Carpe Diem Haiku Kaileads us to the sixth Shingon temple in Kamiita, Japan called the Anrakuji Temple. 

Built to honor Bhaisajyaguru, the Buddha of Healing and Medicine, this doctor, according to legend, heals mainly through chanting mantras.

I find, at times, drinking tea in quiet solitude the best moment to seek Divine healing. When do find your best time for spiritual connections?

fresh ginger root tea,
brew in ceramic tea-cup
while chanting monks pray

ancient sounds vibrate –
in sacred healing rhythm,
tear drops mix with tea

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15 thoughts on “February Pilgrimage: Anrakuji Temple, Day 5

  1. Robert M. Weiss says:

    I think I find my deepest spiritual moments when I am gazing at a river, or feel a special connection to the beautiful flowers that surround me. Walking along a path, looking at trees that dot the landscape, being aware of time, puts me in a spiritual mode.


    • Sun says:

      a wonderful description, Robert, connecting yourself to the natural beauty surrounding you. lovely. i also find much healing and peace just walking along a simple country path. thanks for sharing.


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