February Pilgrimage: Dainichji Temple – Day 4

While doing this virtual pilgrimage to discover the roots of Buddhism and the influence on haiku, our host and guide, Chevrefeuille, mentions we will skip a few of the 88 temples on the Island of Shikoku.

Today, however, we travel off the main road and walk a bit into a mountain valley to find the Dainichi-ji Temple.

Although the original temple no longer stands due to repeated destruction forces – you know how that always happens – Matsu, a 17th century monk, reconstructed the temple.

The temple honors Vairocana Buddha or the Buddha of Emptiness.

walking straight ahead,
ten toes wrestling with blisters…
on empty stomach 

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Inspiration:  Carpe Diem #391, Dainichji (Temple 4)

Photo credit: Wikimedia.org| Chris Harber via Flickr

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    • Sun says:

      [smiling] thanks, Amrit…i’m trying real hard to make this virtual pilgrimage very realistic. ha-ha. see you at the next temple. 🙂


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