February Pilgrimage: Konsenji Temple on Day 3

Day three and we visit the Konsenji, or third temple, in the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage. According to legend, Kobo Daishi, a Japanese monk and founder of Shingon Buddhism, visited Konsenji and found sacred healing water when his staff struck the ground.

Supposedly, today, there is a well next to the Daishi Hall, and if you see your reflection in the water, you will live until 92 years old. (hmm, do we want to live that long??) But, not seeing your reflection only means, eek!, you will die within the next three years.

It is only a legend. You can breathe easy now. [laughing]

As I walk the pilgrimage path up to the temple entrance, the haiku guide, in a soft voice says:

follow ritual
clean hands and mouth with water
then bow down to pray

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::: ::: :::

Inspiration:  Carpe Diem #390, Konsenji (Temple 3)

Photo credit: Wikimedia.org


15 thoughts on “February Pilgrimage: Konsenji Temple on Day 3

    • Sun says:

      how sweet your words, Rita. so nice to have you share a prayer here. thank you. by the way, i left a note about the word verification thing – hope it made sense. ☺


    • Sun says:

      [smiling] Milu…i’m not sure if we will be visiting Gokuraki Temple. our host, Kristjaan, maps out the pilgrimage sites so who knows. thanks for sharing the link. very nice. ☺


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