February Pilgrimage: Day One, Ryozenji Temple

February first and a new episode, Shikoku Pilgrimage, starts over at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Chevrefeuille plans to host a month-long series to include the “88 temples on the Isle of Shikoku and…more about Buddhism as one the roots for our beloved haiku…[since]…in the classical rules of haiku [it] is said that there has to be a Buddhistic layer in haiku.”

Gaining new insights to attain wisdom and enlightenment can be a daunting project especially with limited opportunities to take an actual spiritual pilgrimage; however, a virtual journey could be the perfect alternative.

Let us join the thousand other O-Henro pilgrims on the Shikoku-route, shall we? First stop: Ryozenji Temple.

penniless pilgrim,
finds her worn rosary beads
oil stained in prayers

Ohenro, haiku, carpe diem challenge, pilgrimage, prayer

Inspiration:   Carpe Diem #389, Ryozenji.

Photo credit: Wikimedia.org


20 thoughts on “February Pilgrimage: Day One, Ryozenji Temple

  1. Chèvrefeuille says:

    Wow! Sun what a great start of your virtual pilgrimage along the 88 temples on the Isle of Shikoku. This says it in such less words … and the painted imagery is gorgeous. I love to use this one for one of our Tan Renga Challenges if that”s ok. Nice to read that you”re enthousiastic about this new CD month … it will be a gorgeous month in which we will go along the first half of the Shikoku trail … the second half will follow in March.


    • Sun says:

      thank you, Chevrefeuille for this wonderful comment. i wanted to journey last month on your tour but knew time wise it would have been too much. although i hope to do an actual spiritual pilgrimage such as this one, maybe i can get a head start with a virtual one. [smiling] and yes, it is way okay 😛 for your Tan Renga – such an honor. thank you again.


    • Sun says:

      glad you found day one interesting, Stefan. let’s hope i can keep up the pace of this virtual pilgrimage. [smiling] thanks for the encouraging words.


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