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Big White Reveals His Story on Roy G. Biv

Hello Fans,

Please, call me Big White – the handsome white bird among my colorful cast mates. We are famous show bird celebrities. Danny, my trainer, paid a hundred dollars, and then brought me home to live with the Fine Feathered Friend Bird Company.

I remember the ride; gripping tight to the side of my cage, riding up front in the old beat up Ford Ranger pickup truck. No kidding. The ride was so bumpy, I began to think maybe I should have been more grateful living the dull life over at Pets R Us store.

Too late. I am here.

The next morning, and all mornings after, I realized something very profound, thanks to the Rainbow Dance Team.

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Hey, I am one lucky bird!

Look at all these lovely bird gal-pals…and they all love me!

Well, listen, you picked the worst time to visit. Morning. Lousy stale bread crumbs. However, of course, no complaints. It is far better than the moldy birdseed my ex-owner tried to pass off as gourmet exotic bird food. Really, Pets R Us staff? They should know us better…heck we birds are smart. Our heads may look walnut size but the brain cells are sharp.

Razor sharp!

These large pieces of breadcrumbs make it easy to snatch up from the ladies, the size being too hard for there delicate small beaks to handle. Some mornings I admit my gluttony. You cannot blame me. When some gal bird has a feather or two to pick because someone stole her moment on stage, well, it is the perfect breakfast moment.

Bread crumbs a-flying, my friends! Oh, the chaos, bickering and noise! Carry on girls…

Fortunately, my girlfriend, the cute one standing off to the side…do you see her? She handles all situations with grace and style. You never see her partaking in any silly ruckus.

We met on set last year. I admit it was love on the spot for me. My rainbow beauty…her bright red and orange feathers on her beautiful chest, yellow and green highlights shimmering in the sunlight, and oh, the prettiest blue head seen in show business.

Well, enough color talk, if you are ever in town, let me, Big White, and the rainbow babes entertain you. When you see my girlfriend’s indigo and violet sequined costume shake and sparkle on stage, you definitely will say you saw a beautiful rainbow dancing.

I adore you all…

Love, Big White

— — —

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image via Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

26 thoughts on “Big White Reveals His Story on Roy G. Biv

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Just smiles! Has to be the actual conversation for this rainbow challenge. (Reminds me must go see if I can sight the little parrot flock – It all started with a couple of birds that escaped years ago – and now they all fly free….and usually sit under the shelter of the grocery store roof and lights in bad weather. )


    • Sun says:

      a little parrot flock, Philmouse? oh, i do hope you can get a photograph of them…how interesting. actually, i’m glad the birds escaped and have managed on their own. quite sad to see some of the big birds in pet stores so bored and neurotic. thanks for the chit-chat. 🙂


      • philosophermouseofthehedge says:

        We have a local community on a small island that is very much Key West-ish – people, attitude, and style. Sometimes the parrots make it over here to feed – little green guys. Lots of the time the hang out around the elementary school. Those little happy guys do make life more wonderful around here. (Must try to snap a pix of them)


      • Sun says:

        must be a great little community…especially in the likes of Key West. 🙂 alert, alert…dream spot…putting KWest on my intention list. 😛 i hope you get a few memories of those green guys…have Molly remind you. ha-ha.


  2. Alison says:

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed that story, and I just as much enjoyed the pic of the cockatoo and rainbow lorikeets – took me right back home to Oz. In Port Douglas literally thousands come home to roost every evening in the trees lining the main street, their squawking so loud you just about have to shout to be heard. And in Canberra where I grew up there are great flock of cockatoos everywhere.


    • Sun says:

      wow, Alison! i’m trying to imagine the thousands roosting in Port Douglas – i believe you when you say their squawking can be deafening! one bird can literally make you go deaf so on thousand birds…Ooo my! are the cockatoos native of Canberra? just wondering since you mentioned great flock of them everywhere. 🙂 hopefully most of them are free birds and not in captivity. they seem so unhappy sometimes in captivity. thanks for sharing about the birds and what a cool place to grow up in…Australia! 😛


      • Alison says:

        Both birds are native to Australia, and are seen just about anywhere you go. I don’t remember seeing them in Melbourne as a child, but anywhere north of that – Sydney, Canberra and north they’re everywhere. And yes, free. Australia has a wide variety of very colourful native parrots ranging from the tiny budgerigars to the quite large sulphur crested cockatoos, and more rare black cockatoos. It’s quite exotic even though I grew up there.


      • Sun says:

        wow! black cockatoos!?! i bet bird collectors pay handsome for those. i sure learned much about Canberra – i even looked it up to see exactly where it was on the map. ha-ha. 🙂 thanks, Alison. what a treat. 🙂


    • Sun says:

      Subhan, i did not realize you are in Canberra… so much for paying attention. 🙂 oh, i just asked Alison from Adventure in Wonderland if those Big Whites were native to Canberra. i bet they are beautiful in the wild. thanks for flying in another lovely note.


      • Subhan Zein says:

        Again, I feel very lucky to live here. I have traveled to some, not all, countries and cities, and I would say Canberra is the most civilised city I’ve ever been to. Even the ducks know how to cross the street. And yes, of course, we give them way. With the big whites, we do keep some seeds for them in the backyard, so they can drop by for some meal anytime they want. I learn how to live from many Canberrans, I suppose. Blessings and love to you, Sunshine.


      • Sun says:

        that is quite funny, Subhan…”even the ducks know how to cross the street” !! 😆 such a wonderful place both you and Alison have described…a must visit place. ♥ thanks again!!


  3. Lala Rukh says:

    That was such an adorable story sun ! That white bird looks absolutely gorgeous among the rainbow colored beauties 🙂 And he is a nice guy too ! Loving the rainbow beauty of his love 🙂 Stunning post !


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