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Gratitude in Motion: November 2013

November came (and gone) but before I let it go
let me count the blessings –
a very long list
but I think,
It’s only four a day
imagine the pages of blessings
one actually receives in a month

Grateful for blessings that nourish both body, soul and mind like: sweet corn – watermelons from summer – turquoise color – tea time – having fresh donuts with sticky fingered toddlers – lentil stew – oatmeal – baked salmon – tangerines

– Habushu…a Sake drink→( Okinawa World by The Sophomoreslump)

– pineapple – Jasmine rice – crunchy peanut butter – sweet red grapes – turkey stuffing – Roma tomatoes – olive oil – homemade scones – baked potatoes – ready-made frozen whole turkey dinner – fresh cranberries – turkey and more turkey – not burning anything for Thanksgiving meal – chocolate chips walnut cookies – strawberry jam

– AFrankAngle on mentioning Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

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Grateful: DIY glitter glam pine cone project *click image to see the video ☺

Grateful for the small and big things like: family farms – locally owned grocery stores purple ink writing pens – clean cat litter box – phone camera – fuzzy house slippers entertaining writers – broom sweepers – recycled twin mattress bed for large dog

– ceiling fan tip that in winter the blades should turn clockwise to move warm air down

– multi-electrical plugin stations – insulated jackets – hot water heaters – legends & fairy tales – human thumb, used so often during the day that an injury makes you really appreciative – land line telephones – personalized office cubicles – washer & dryer – hours of entertainment from the movie industry – poems by Nathan Brown – family owned restaurants – high heels

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Grateful: autumn leaves

Grateful for the beauty in nature like– egg sacs containing baby garden spiders – river stones – rooster crowing every morning – orange-red ornamental berry trees – hibiscus flowers – full moon – dairy cows  rooster who insists on pecking off Styrofoam winter protection faucet covers – honey bees – the beauty of fragile icicles hanging from brick ledges  albacore tuna fish – sea life – small hail storm instead of a big one – night walks under chilly moon sky

Grateful for blessings, contradictions, flaws and disruptions like: my dog, keeps his teeth clean by gnawing on broken tree limbs – grass mowed before winter – hairspray that goes on fine but holds without feeling like a helmet head – the human eyes how intricately wonderfully made – unconditional love   toilet bowl scrub brushes 

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Grateful: Sunny Thanksgiving Day

– eye doctors  sanitation workers that pick up garbage keeping our country tidy so we don’t get sick from diseases and pest infestation – dental hygienist – emergency hospital workers – WordPress Support – all the Typhoon Haiyan reparation efforts – Veterans and those serving our country – road workers that keep highway maintained for safe driving – teachers passionate about teaching – plumbers – firefighters – historical museum workers that help keep the past fresh so we do not forget – tombstone artists

 – Tan Renga challenges  – non-stick cooking pans – smiling faces – people laughing and having fun – not driving on icy roads – happy people watching old movies together – family gatherings – classic movie night with Matthew Broderick, The Producers –  not shopping on Black Friday  imagination and…

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Grateful: stray dogs that find good fur-ever homes…

– central heating – motion sensor night lights  – Christmas music on the radio – mechanical pencils – married couples who stay together over 40 years +…wow! wall clocks – opportunity to sleep in – enclosed car garage – sticky mail address labels and… 

thank you for being here –

i am always grateful for the smiles, laughter and love you bring.


39 thoughts on “Gratitude in Motion: November 2013

    • Sun says:

      on a side note, i tried both your ‘acuriousgal’ link here and in my comment box and both lead me to your Gravatar but not your webpage. just wondering what happened. before i was able to hop over to your place either from my notification and comment page. okay. just thought i would let you know. ☺


  1. Sonel says:

    Again such a beautiful grateful list Sun. 😀
    So Chuckles likes broken tree limbs for his teeth. Simba loves chewing on emptry toiletpaper rolls..hahahah
    Have a great week hon. *big hugs*


  2. aFrankAngle says:

    As I return to the land of blogs, this was perfect for my day because you have the knack of reminding me of all those little things that we shouldn’t take for granted – even Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake and chocolate port. By the way, the song on the post you linked to me is perfect background for your post. 🙂


    • Sun says:

      so sweet, Angelia ♥ thank you!! on sticky mail labels…i love them even more when they are sent as part of a promotion and they send them to you free. ha-ha. stay warm ☺


    • Sun says:

      i’m also happy we connected – it was either Carpe Diem or Ligo. not sure but really glad we did, Celestine. you inspire me. thank you my friend. ☼hugs.


    • Sun says:

      your homeland will never forget November 2013 – so much destruction and lives lost. just read on 19 year old Justin Bieber visiting and trying to raise money to help. good to know some youngsters still willing to step up and help. warm blessings to you and your family, IT. ♥


  3. rommel says:

    Hmmmm …. jasmine rice. I can go without anything mixed to it. Just plain rice. having fresh donuts with sticky fingered toddler – Say whut!? 😀 Thanks for the linkage. I chose that blue-eyed dog for my recent post. 😉


    • Sun says:

      plain rice is preferred but sometimes it’s cheaper to get the Jasmine rice. don’t ask why…you would think it would be more expensive. Ooo, so grateful for your last post with all your blog suggestions. still working through the list – and the sticky finger toddlers are from Sunday church nursery. they are the cutest bunch. thanks, Rommel. ☺


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