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On White Sand

The writing goal for the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Tanka Shrine series is to create a new Tanka in the same tone, sense and spirit as the featured Japanese poet, Ishikawa Tokuboku.

At first glance, his poem looks like a happy beach scene; however, with a sudden switch in words, we find a grieving person – crying, yet also preoccupied by a crab.

I thought about little children, how easily they can get preoccupied, especially along a beach shoreline. Now what about a good parent who gets distracted for just a few moments…

My Tanka follows the master Tokuboku’s poem.

On the white sand
Of the beach of a small isle
In the Eastern Sea
I, my face streaked with tears,
Am playing with a crab
~ Ishikawa Tokuboku

shore, haiku, tanka, loss of child, sadness, unattended child

surfer riding waves
in the blue pacific sea
a child on white sand
plays before father returns
sudden surge takes her home first

 — — —

If you would like to add your own Tanka version or simply looking for haiku inspiration, please have a visit at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

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10 thoughts on “On White Sand

  1. rommel says:

    ooohhh the father’s gonna get mad … she didn’t remove her hat. 😀 My word! I would splash on that water just like that as well even if my parents see me. I bet the jaunty feeling is worth it.


    • Sun says:

      forces of nature sometimes hard to deal with but somehow we try to carry on…between “smiles and tears” as you poignantly describe. love your thoughts, IT.


    • Sun says:

      so sorry, Little Binky – i really wanted to write happy but had to keep in same tone as the master haiku writer. he went sad so i tried to follow. weep. thank you my friend. ♥


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