Vanity Rain

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I remember, so clearly, a few years ago, in August, the watery deluge. A whole week of rain, night and day, non-stop.

Some great business trip to Miami, Florida. So much dispersal of rainwater, just pouring down, down, down. I worry, just like everyone else. Weather reports warn; travel only if necessary and wait until conditions clear. Stay put. Do not attempt driving nor trudging through streams of flooding waters. What looks safe and shallow really is an illusion. What lies underneath – an ugly and strong undercurrent. 

I watch the late breaking television news. Ignorance flash across the screen. Drivers in their vehicles, swept away through flooded streets. The rain still falls hard outside. My mind suddenly becomes preoccupied. It is five o’clock, with no umbrella; I really hope not to see anyone I know. Please God, no. I decide, like a fool and despite all warnings, to head quickly back, from the office to my hotel room.

eyelashes flutter,
sans waterproof mascara –
come forth raccoon eyes

— — —

Inspiration from Ligo  Haibun Challenge ¨ Lexicon Week – Managua Gunn’s Cabin Fever.

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20 thoughts on “Vanity Rain

  1. Ye Pirate says:

    The rhythm of long/short/long sentences, especially in the first paragraph keeps the piece tense and tight – wonderful. Sharp description of effects of rain, then the marvel, the pearl, the haiku. Really enjoyed that very much, and thought the prose served the haiku so well – and that haiku!


  2. themofman says:

    I know that it’s a terrible thing to be fascinated with but I truly have wondered what it would be like to experience the full force of a top level hurricane or EF5 tornado.


    • Sun says:

      actually, MOFman, i would think storm chasers share your fascination on those intense storms – some get really close up too. amazes me and i bet the adrenaline rush is out of this world!! thanks for breezing in ☺


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