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Thank you to all who supported and cheered me through this Tan Renga challenge.  The wonderful part about this challenge, of course, was the opportunity to collaborate with thirty featured haiku writers and completing their haiku with two, seven-syllable lines.

It sounds easy enough – just write two lines, how hard can that be…but really, I think sometimes, if the goal is to create a similar tone to a haiku, it is far easier if you can elaborate away with many descriptive lines rather than just two little lines!

Today’s featured haiku by **Moondustwriter followed by my two, seven-syllable line finish. My mind lingered over so many countries tragically torn by wars or corrupt government ruling parties.

i hear you speak
waves tumble half a world away
conch’s song**

echoes haunting corruptions
unbearable tragedy

walking away, corruption, tan renga, echoes, haunting,

photo source: flickr

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Inspiration from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge “I Hear You Speak”

10 thoughts on “Unbearable

  1. Chèvrefeuille says:

    What a wonderful, but sad continuation of this Tan Renga Sun. But … it’s so true my heart weeps as I look at the worldnews and see all the wars around the globe. When will it finally be a peaceful world? Will we experience that somewhere in the future?
    Ps. I will try to make the links of Sigrid to work. Thank you for your comments and your daily effort to write and share your haiku and completed Tan Renga with our haiku-family.


    • Sun says:

      i really am in awe with your efforts over at Carpe Diem – how you manage to keep such intense pace…amazing i must say. 🙂 you make learning about this ancient craft quite enjoyable. thanks! yes, i did let Siggi know about copying the shortlink if she did not know about it…i’m sure you will get it all straightened out soon. ☺ kanpai!


  2. Otto von Münchow says:

    Once again your two lines echoes the haiku – and bring forward a strong sentiment related to the sad situation of the world. As Chèvrefeuille says, wonderful, but sad. And yes, I believe it’s really hard to be able to be both coherent and evoke a emotional response in only two, seven-syllable lines.


    • Sun says:

      Otto, i remember your posts on these third world areas … this photo actually reminded me of your trip(s) especially the child labor one in the tobacco farm. so very sad. appreciate your kind note and support. ☺ many thanks


    • Sun says:

      yes, sad – especially in this modern day we live in one would think world peace would be possible…thanks for your kind words, Celestine. ☺


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