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Dancing in Rhythm

Somehow, I inadvertently missed one Tan Renga challenge. I was going to scrap it but thought ** Kaykuala of Rainbow‘s haiku such a good one; I need to complete it with a two, seven-line completion. 

Here we go, the Tan Renga…

rustling leaves dancing
light breeze brushing rosy cheeks
young hearts aflutter**

in rhythm with pounding drums
Tahitian dance performance

dancer, tan renga, leaves rustling, performance, entertainment, november

— — — —

Inspiration from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge “rustling leaves dancing.”

Style: Tan Renga, where two writers collaborate to complete a haiku with a two, seven-syllable line finish.

4 thoughts on “Dancing in Rhythm

    • Sun says:

      Celestine, i would have felt awful leaving this one out…so glad Kristjaan can fix things when we i show up late for a challenge. 🙂 peace ~


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