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Young Musician

I feel great after yesterday’s slight commotion with myself over the November Tan Renga challenge. Thanking everyone who gave me the big kick to keep on fighting. ☺

Well, today’s wonderful haiku comes from **Carol –  A Creative Harbor and in the usual Tan Renga style, my two, seven-syllable line completion follows Carol’s haiku.

tickling ivories
scintillating music sound
filling the inner soul**

from across the music hall
young fingers dancing with Bach

genius, young musician, tan renga, tickling ivories, music sound,

Written for:  Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

12 thoughts on “Young Musician

    • Sun says:

      music does so much for a person – i read it helps children academically, like in math. wonderful, happy you found some inspiration here. i must thank you, IT. your support, a blessing. ☺


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