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My Life Walk

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Ever since that first wobbly step, instinctively, I walk towards a larger world. Begins within the small wooden blue frame house, family memories hang on the Navaho flat white walls. Loving home. Family time mostly centered on the television set. My first discovery, according to mom, finding delight by switching the TV set off and on. Parental reprimands, it smarted a little, but effective solution to the problem. Then the rental house on Tybee Island, short walks to visit school friends in the small neighborhood. Naturally, Cathy’s house, with the built-in pool, held the most attraction.

tuck body in
knees to the chest
splashing contest
cannonball blast

With acquired skills from days gone by, I continue. My life walk, like a mystical pilgrimage journey.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes alone, other times with companions. Interesting how the right people comes greeting at the perfect moment.

as the sun rises
we hold hands through a season
the wind whistling a tune

— — —

Written forManagua Gunn’s Cabin Fever – LĪGO HAĪBUN. This week’s writing prompts included two quotes. I chose the Algerian Proverb, “It is solved by walking.”

Style incorporated into this haibun: Along with quote prompts, a new theme, Innovation, gave writers an opportunity to use either Thanbauk, Pathya vat or stay the traditional 5-7-5 form.  I chose to attempt the Pathya vat.

– Pathya vat: a four-line, four syllable in each line and line two and three must rhyme.  It should look like…


22 thoughts on “My Life Walk

  1. Ye Pirate says:

    …that I was utterly charmed! Your Pathya vat was proof to me that this form of verse fits particularly nicely with the prose. I’ll be saying a little more about it in the round up,but really is what a soft, nostalgic piece, technically flawless in your recognisable flow. Well done,thank you Sun..!


    • Sun says:

      why thank you so much, Suzanne. i really love your artwork for this next challenge. beautiful. it is going to be hard to choose. have a wonderful day 🙂


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