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Slight Disturbance Over the Shallow Pond

This is getting tougher…doubt settling in. I hope to complete this thirty-day Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge but, suck in my breath through teeth, maybe this was not a good idea, stop now, no one will notice…day 18, but really, it is day 19 in the challenge. I failed one day. It was early on but I managed to slap doubt in the face and jumped back in.

Today. Another heavy round of fighting.

No, no…I am going on – persevering and not quitting!

Here is **Joanne from 4 Joy and her lovely haiku followed by my two, seven-syllable melodramatic completion:

by the shallow pond
reflection drawing northern fowl
a warm sun shimmers**

disturb fighting geese within
fluctuating emotions

tan renga, capsized goose, doubt, internal fighting,
Just wondering…so how does one get through the roadblock of doubt with ease & little commotion?

20 thoughts on “Slight Disturbance Over the Shallow Pond

    • Sun says:

      you surprise me, IT – not a good swimmer but i bet your son will make up for that. i enjoy all your beach shots with your son having so much fun at the beach. thank you, and all the best to your family/friends over in your homeland.


    • Sun says:

      yes! the home stretch now – thanks, Bjorn. you amaze me how well you keep up with so many challenges and share so many well written posts. so much talent. 🙂 thanks again.


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