Tan Renga, sweet caresses, smoldering embrace

Sweet Memories

Okay, so far I am still keeping up with Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge and just a couple more weeks to go. 

Today’s feature haiku writer is **Managua Gunn aka Pirate from Coffee with yer Buccaneer, also the Ligo Haibun host. Remember the Tan Renga format is to complete the haiku by another writer with a two, seven-syllable cap.  

in hidden places
under the porch floorboards –
cherry blossoms**

sweet memories lingering
your smoldering caresses

cherry blossom ball, smoldering, caresses, tan renga

— — —

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    • Sun says:

      Susan! thanks – i hope all is well with you, Pixels…others…all the kittens must be almost fully grown by now. ☺ happy you stopped by


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