M.C.Escher, snakes, tan renga,

Heart Stoppers

crossing the footbridge
a sound that comes unbidden…
my wild beating heart**

desist under warning buzz
pygmy rattlers side winds by

M.C. Escher, tan renga, OP art, animal painting, snakes, writing challenge

Artist: M.C. Escher

— — —

Inspiration: Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

Style: Tan Renga, two writers collaborate to complete a haiku verse.  Today’s feature haiku by ** Lolly from For a Lovely Thing  followed by my two, seven-syllable line completion.

14 thoughts on “Heart Stoppers

    • Sun says:

      perhaps earth shattering screams can help stun the snakes into shock. ha-ha. thanks for dropping in & braving past the slithery critters ☺


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