tan renga, november, carpe diem

Searching for Light

this dark autumn night
the bright stars of milky way
cries of geese above**

a lost flock searching for light
pray the promised land is near

 Abstract Expressionism,Vasile Dobrian, Tan Renga, dark night, hope, autumn, flocks

Artist: Vasile Dobrian

— — —

Inspiration: Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge & featured haiku written by **Lothar from Rheumatologe.

Style: Tan Renga – Two writers collaborate to complete a haiku. The completion form is two, seven-syllable lines.



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    • Sun says:

      you’re welcome, Carol. it was great to finally leave a note over at your site – thanks for making it easier. i love your photographs ♥


    • Sun says:

      you’re quite welcome, Gillena. this month full of Tan Renga, such a delight. i’m happy to meet you through your creative offerings. thank you. ☺


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